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Not to be confused with PM Magazine.

PM East/PM West was a late night talk show hosted by Mike Wallace and Joyce Davidson in New York City (where the PM East portion originated), and San Francisco Chronicle television critic Terrence O'Flaherty in San Francisco (PM West).[1] The program was seen five nights a week from June 12, 1961, to June 22, 1962.

The show was syndicated by Group W Productions to Westinghouse-owned television stations in Boston, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and San Francisco, as well as to other stations in Chicago, Washington D.C., New York, and Los Angeles.[2] It was scheduled at the same time as NBC's The Tonight Show, then hosted by Jack Paar. Westinghouse, which was only a broadcaster that syndicated its programs through Group W, attempted to compete with NBC, which had had a monopoly on late-night television since Steve Allen had originated The Tonight Show in 1954.

PM East/PM West was never accessible in the American South, the Southwestern United States or in the states of Florida or Texas.

Episode status[edit]

Audio recordings of some of Barbra Streisand's appearances constitute nearly all that survives. The sole video recording known to exist (available for viewing at the UCLA Film and Television Archive) is the February 12, 1962, broadcast, which was a tribute to George Schaefer.[3] It features actors who worked with Schaefer, including Boris Karloff (who is interviewed by Davidson), Ed Wynn and Ethel Griffies. Streisand does not appear, nor does anyone mention her name.


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