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Highway 14
Route information
Maintained by DTOP
Existed1886 (as the old Carretera Central)–present
Major junctions
North end PR-1 in Cayey
South end PR-1 in Plaza Las Delicias, Ponce
Highway system
Puerto Rico Highways

Puerto Rico Highway 14 is a main highway connecting Cayey, Puerto Rico to Ponce, Puerto Rico. The road runs the same course as the historic Carretera Central. The Coamo-to-Ponce section of PR-14 was built under the direction of Spanish engineer Raimundo Camprubí Escudero (b. Pamplona 15 March 1846 - d. Madrid 1924).[1]

Road description[edit]

PR-14 Westbound at bridge over Río Bucaná on Avenida La Ceiba in Ponce approaching PR-10.
Detailed map of PR-14 in the Municipality of Ponce
A former Casilla de Caminero on PR-14 (now Ave. Tito Castro) in Ponce, Puerto Rico

Except in the city of Ponce where, with the exception of the Ponce Historic Zone, the road is a 4-lane road, the rest of PR-14 is a two-lane country road as it makes its way through the four towns it runs through, Juana Diaz, Coamo, Aibonito and Cayey. PR-14 is one of the roads that lead into the Ponce Historic Zone.[2]

Junction list[edit]

*Km markers 20.0 to 35.0 require field verification.

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Cayey35.021.7 PR-1 – Cayey
30.018.6 PR-206 – Cayey, Aibonito
Aibonito25.015.5 PR-721 – Aibonito
Coamo20.012.4 PR-138 – Coamo, Santa Isabel
Juana Diaz13.78.5 PR-149 north – Villalba
13.78.5 PR-149 south – Juana Diaz
Ponce9.96.2 PR-511 north – Jayuya
8.85.5 PR-506 south (Coto Laurel) – Ponce
4.83.0 PR-10 north – Adjuntas
4.62.9 PR-10 south (Mercedita) – Ponce
4.62.9 PR-139 north – Jayuya
4.62.9 PR-505 (Barrio San Patricio) – Ponce
2.61.6 PR-12 south (Barrio Playa) – Ponce
0.80.50 PR-1 (Barrio Segundo) – Ponce