Puerto Rico Highway 143

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Puerto Rico Secondary Highway 143 markerPuerto Rico Tertiary Highway 143 marker

Highway 143
Route information
Maintained by Puerto Rico DTPW
Major junctions
West end PR-123 in Saltillo
East end PR-162 in Helechal
Highway system
A scene on PR-143 westbound in Barrio Anón, Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Highway 143 (PR-143) is a secondary highway that connects the town of Adjuntas to the town of Barranquitas. It runs through the northern border of the municipality of Ponce, before reaching Orocovis and then Barranquitas. The road is a major part of Puerto Rico's Panoramic Route, being the major middle component of such route. It crosses Toro Negro State Forest, and leads to such landmarks as Cerro de Punta and Lago El Guineo lake.[1]

Route landmarks/features[edit]

No. Kilometer Mark Feature Direction Notes (about this "Feature")
0 0.0 PR-10 North and South To Ponce (SB) or to Adjuntas (NB)
1 3.3 PR-521 North To Jayuya
2 3.9 PR-503 (also to PR-505) South To Ponce
3 7.3 PR-140 North To Jayuya
4 7.9 San Patricio Elementary School North -
5 11.6 PR-139 South To Ponce
6 12.4 PR-511 South To Ponce (blocked by landslides as of 01/15)
7 16.7 Cerro de Punta North Tallest mountain in PR
8 18.2 Monte Jayuya North Radio/TV Towers
9 21.2 PR-577 North Cerro Maravilla
10 28.1 PR-149 South To Villalba
11 28.5 PR-149 and sign to Toro Negro State Forest North To Ciales
12 32.4 PR DRNA Toro Negro State Forest Office North -
13 39.6 Mirador Villaba-Orocovis (Scenic Lookout) South -


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