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PSM, an acronym, may refer to:




  • Paraspinal Musculature, the muscles adjacent to the vertebral column
  • Plastarch material, or PSM, a biodegradable and thermoplastic resin
  • Phase-shift keying, or Phase Shift Modulation, a digital modulation scheme
  • Phase-shift mask, photomasks that take advantage of interference to improve image resolution in photolithography
  • Phenol-soluble modulin, a family of protein toxins produced by CA-MRSA
  • Phenomenal Self model, in consciousness what comprises experiences of ownership, of first person perspective, and of a long-term unity of beliefs and attitudes
  • Platform-specific model, a model of a software or business system that is linked to a specific technological platform
  • Phono-semantic matching, a term in linguistics that refers to camouflaged borrowing
  • Propensity score matching, a statistical method used to provide unbiased estimation of treatment-effects.
  • Peptide spectrum match, a (possible) identified peptide in a protein mass spectrometry identification experiment


Other uses[edit]