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The Pacific Coast Association of Magicians (PCAM) is an organization for professional, semi-professional and amateur magicians, that incorporates chapters around the entire Pacific Rim, including Japan, Hawaii, California, and western Canada. Member organizations include The Vancouver Magic Circle. Founded in 1933, they host an annual magic convention, which is limited to a few hundred registrants and gives out awards in an annual competition.

AWARDS - Professional[edit]

  • Pacific Rim Professional Magic Challenge - First contested in 1989 in Santa Barbara, California. A creation of Bill Adams which was originally titled the Pro 2000 contest to denote the value of the monetary prize. In 1994 the award was re-titled the "Pacific Rim Professional Magic Challenge by President Shawn Farquhar at the national assembly meeting in Ontario, California.
  • "Grand Prix du Honneur" Award for Highest Achievement in the Magical Arts - The award has been presented just six times. Patrick Smith / Michi Hasegawa / Kevin James / Roy Shank / Shawn Farquhar / Michael Dardant

AWARDS - Amateur Stage[edit]

  • "Stage Magic" - Adult
  • "Stage Magic" - Junior
  • "Stage Magic" - Juvenile
  • "Platform Magic" - Adult
  • "Platform Magic" - Junior
  • "Comedy Magic" - Adult
  • "Comedy Magic" - Juvenile
  • "Mentalism"
  • "Close Up Magic" - Adult
  • "Close Up Magic" - Junior
  • "Close Up Magic" - Juvenile
  • "Children's Magic" - All Ages
  • "K9 Balloon Olympics" - All Ages
  • "Best Assistant" - All Ages
  • "Outstanding Showmanship & Presentation" - All Ages
  • "Sorcerer's Safari Scholarship"
  • "Most Novel or Innovative" - All Ages


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