Pagla Dashu

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Pagla Dashu
Pagla Dashu character
Created by Sukumar Ray
Gender Male
Religion Hinduism
Nationality Indian

Pagla Dashu (Bengali: পাগলা দাশু; Crazy Dashu) is a fictional character created by Sukumar Ray.[1]


Pagla Dashu is a character appearing in several prominent works of Bengali literature from the early 20th century, most notably Pagla Dashu (1940). He is a school boy, famous for his crazy ideas and often inexplicable acts that carry subtle, comedic satire. Pagla Dashu is mainly a children's story which is fun to read and creative.

Pagla Dashu has become one of the very popular characters of Bengali literature, like many other characters created by Sukumar Ray, a popular Bengali author of nonsense poetry.


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