Pai River

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Pai River
Pai river, north of Pai, Mae Hong Son, Thailand.jpg
Pai River near Mae Hong Son
Countries Thailand, Burma
States Mae Hong Son Province (Thailand), Kayah State (Burma)
 - location Daen Lao Range, Pai District, Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand
 - elevation 1,170 m (3,839 ft)
 - coordinates 19°27′0″N 98°29′20″E / 19.45000°N 98.48889°E / 19.45000; 98.48889
Mouth Salween
 - location Punghsa-se, Kayah State, Burma
 - elevation 111 m (364 ft)
 - coordinates 19°08′45″N 97°32′40″E / 19.14583°N 97.54444°E / 19.14583; 97.54444Coordinates: 19°08′45″N 97°32′40″E / 19.14583°N 97.54444°E / 19.14583; 97.54444
Length 180 km (112 mi)
Topography of northern Thailand.png
Map of the Thai highlands

The Pai River (Thai: แม่น้ำปาย, rtgsMaenam Pai, Thai pronunciation: [mɛ̂ːnáːm paːj]) originates in the mountains of the Daen Lao Range, Pai District, Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand. The river flows first in a north-south direction and then in an east-west direction down to Mueang Mae Hong Son District and across the Thai/Burmese border. The river tributes the Salween River in Kayah State, Burma. It is 180 kilometres (110 mi) long.

Pai River is popular for whitewater rafting.[1] Rapids on the river vary from class I to class V on the International Scale of River Difficulty and everything in between. The Pai River offers a scenic view of mountain forest and many choose to camp along the quiet river banks.

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