Palau Football Association

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Palau Football Association
Palau Soccer Association new logo 2013.jpg
Founded 28 May 2002, Koror
FIFA affiliation none
Website PFA

The Palau Football Association is the governing body for association football in Palau. The association is based in the town of Koror. Palau currently is not a member of the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC), the Asian Football Federation, nor FIFA.

The Association runs the national football team and the Palau Soccer League, as well as a planned Youth League.


The Palau Football Association (PFA) was incorporated on May 28, 2002 under the laws of the Republic of Palau as a non-profit corporation. It is one of 14 federations of the Palau National Olympic Committee (PNOC). There is a small volunteer board that is primarily responsible to conduct all the activities of the association along with a handful of volunteer parent/coaches. (From the PFA website)

Regional affiliation[edit]

After its creation the PFA was listed as an associate member of the OFC.[1] They lost that status apparently though sometime.

In 2009 the PFA requested to become a quasi-member of the East Asia Football Federation.[2] As of 2013, no further progress has been made.[3]

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