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Pam Ann
Birth name Caroline Reid
Born 17 Dec 1968
Origin Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Occupation(s) Comedian, Actress
Years active 1996–present

Pam Ann is the air hostess alter-ego of Australian comedian Caroline Reid. Performances focus on the nuances of air travel, identifying the individual quirks of some of the biggest international airlines and their media stereotypes. Her style leans towards camp humour, in the vein of Dame Edna Everage, Kathy Griffin and Chelsea Handler. The character of Pam Ann has developed a cult-like following.

The name Pam Ann is a play on words from Pan Am. In her shows, she refers to the so-called memories of the "Golden Age of Aviation" (for her, the period between the late 1950s and early 1970s when the jet airplanes entered widespread use), often contrasting it with modern times, and visual/social changes like the lack of knives and glass on board. Overall, she also plays with the stereotypical views of airlines, like Virgin Airlines with model-nymphomaniacs, Alitalia with "they think they are all driving Ferrari". Also generally she has at least "peek inside" into the current aviation industry, like commenting accidents or airline retakes.


Pam Ann has been featured in an advertising campaign for British Airways with over 1.25m views in a six-week period. Qantas have Pam Ann’s Live DVD ‘Come Fly with Me’ in their in-flight programming. Most recently Pam Ann has been working closely with JetBlue and will be performing on their first ever JetPride flight which is a first on any US carrier operating from San Francisco to Long Beach for the Long Beach Pride. On 21 April 2010 she was the featured entertainment at JetBlue's party to celebrate the launch of their new Sabre reservation system, held at JetBlue's hangar at JFK Airport. Pam Ann also made an advertisement for Scandinavian Airlines, showing how she wants to make Pam Ann Airlines more like Scandinavian.

In Australia, Pam Ann starred in her own television talk show, The Pam Ann Show on the national Foxtel comedy channel. She also hosted Australia’s live broadcast of Mardi Gras 2009, airing in over 2 million households. She also appeared on the TV shows Project Runway UK and Britain’s Next Top Model.

In 2010 Caroline Reid prepared to expand Pam Ann’s notoriety state-side relocated to NYC.

Pam revealed in a UK interview that she no longer would want to live in Australia. “Well, I loved being back there, and I’ll probably get killed for this, but I don’t think I could live out there anymore!... Don’t get me wrong, it’s so nice to go home and spend time there, but after living in London and New York, I think my attention span has been shortened--I need more.” [1]


  • Pam (Pam Ann) Her signature character
  • Lilly (Singapore Airlines) A Singapore Chinese flight attendant who would sacrifice passenger safety for her Gucci handbag.
  • Valerie (American Airlines) An ageing American flight attendant from Texas, who is accompanied by a man in an Osama Bin Laden mask.[2]
  • Vanity (Virgin Atlantic Airways) A sultry woman in red who asks that passengers call her sex line, the number for this ends in 747-400, an aircraft made by Boeing.
  • Mona (British Airways) A BA attendant who has appeared with a horse-head instead of a face and "piss off" attitude.
  • Donna (EasyJet) A typical, ignorant chav dressed in orange with Croydon facelift and hoop earrings.
  • Vespa (Alitalia) A perky Italian woman who greets passengers with "Ciao! Bellissimo! Donatellaversace!"
  • Chantal Jemeladonne (Air France) A snobby fashionista who walks the aircraft aisle as if it were a catwalk.
  • Marcia (Air Jamaica) Dressed in flowing gowns and accompanied by soul music.
  • Heidi (Scandinavian Airlines System) A stereotypical Swedish blonde woman who usually appears undressed with coffee pots strategically located.
  • Conchita Rosa María González Gómez (Iberia Airlines) A tiny Spanish woman with bright red hair and sings "Fanta, do you want a Fanta? Fan ta? Hola!"
  • Helga (Lufthansa) A brash, dominating woman who barks out commands and orders.
  • Unnamed Arabic woman (Emirates Airline & Etihad Airways) A woman with a chador and ski mask talking gibberish that resembles Arabic.
  • Unnamed Indian woman (Air India) A woman in a sari who ignores passenger's requests on call button (made by herself), while declaring "I am fingering the air hostess, but she is not coming."
  • Voula (Olympic Airlines) A cigarette smoking woman dressed up in ancient Greek costume who cuts kebab and says "Pustis pustis pustis malaka tzatziki".
  • Gloria (Qantas) A Qantas air hostess who wears the typical Qantas uniform. While giving the safety video, she states some of Qantas's defects. She also offers a full "head to toe" licking for everyone who still chooses to fly Qantas.
  • Sarah (Virgin Blue) A Virgin Blue air hostess who offers passengers salty nuts. When a terrorist tries taking her hostage, she offers him oral pleasure.
  • Clodagh (Ryanair) An Irish flight attendant who often syphons fuel from other airlines and repeatedly shouts "I love my job".


Caroline made an appearance in the British comedy film Confetti, as a judge called Minky.[3]

Other appearances[edit]

Pam Ann performed in-flight entertainment for the 40th birthday of David Furnish, partner of the musician Elton John.[4] She also accompanied Cher on her farewell tour.

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