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Anzob mountains.jpg
View of the Zarafshan Range near the Anzob Pass
Highest point
PeakPik Skalisty
Elevation5,621 m (18,442 ft)
Coordinates39°30′N 71°0′E / 39.500°N 71.000°E / 39.500; 71.000Coordinates: 39°30′N 71°0′E / 39.500°N 71.000°E / 39.500; 71.000
Length900 km (560 mi) E/W
Width150 km (93 mi) N/S
Pamir-Alay Памиро-Алай is located in Tajikistan
Pamir-Alay Памиро-Алай
Location in Tajikistan
Parent rangePamir Mountains

The Pamir-Alay (also Pamiro-Alay, Russian: Памиро-Алай) is a mountain system in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, encompassing four main mountain ranges extending west from the Tian Shan Mountains, and located north of the main range of Pamir. They are variously considered part of the Tian Shan,[1] of the Pamir,[2] or a separate mountain system.[3] The term "Pamiro-Alay" is also used to refer to the mountain region encompassing the Pamir, the Pamir-Alay proper (then referred to as "Gissaro-Alay") and the Tajik Depression.[4][5]

The Pamir-Alay stretches between the valleys of the rivers Syr Darya (Fergana Valley) to its north and Vakhsh to its south.[2] Its highest summit is Pik Skalisty (Russian: пик Скалистый, "rocky peak"), 5621 m, in the Turkestan Range.[6] The Pamir-Alay is about 900 km long in west–east direction, and up to 150 km wide in the Western part.[5]

Main subranges[edit]

The Pamir-Alay is subdivided into the following mountain ranges:[1]


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