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1863 Panama State
Panamá State

Panamá State was one of the states of Colombia.[1] Created 27 February 1855 under the name Estado Federal de Panamá (Federal State of Panamá).[2] Later was recognized as Estado de la Federación in the constitution of the Granadine Confederation of 1858,[3] and in the constitution of 1863 renamed as Estado Soberano (Sovereign State of Panamá) in the national and state constitutions of 1863.[2][4]


It was the first state to form within the Granadine Union, due to desires for autonomy, particularly by the Istmo Province.[5][6]


At present the territory previously held by the Panamá State belongs mostly to the Republic of Panama, independent from Colombia since 1903.


The state was initially divided in the same provinces that created it in 1855:[7]

At the end of the year the territory of Azuero Province was split between Panamá Province and Chiriquí Province.

During the administration of Justo Arosemena (1856), the State was divided into 7 departments:[6]

Later, during the administration of José Leonardo Calancha (1864), reduced the number of departments to 6:[6]


Coordinates: 8°58′N 79°32′W / 8.967°N 79.533°W / 8.967; -79.533