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1863 Cundinamarca State

Cundinamarca State was one of the states of Colombia. It was created on 15 June 1857 as Estado Federal de Cundinamarca (Federal State of Cundinamarca), in 1858 was recognized as Estado de la Federación,[1] and in the constitution of 1863 renamed as Estado Soberano (Sovereign State of Cundinamarca) of the United States of Colombia.[2]


Sovereign State of Cundinamarca

With the law of 15 June 1857, the state was divided into 8 departments, but in 1858 most were abolished, leaving only Bogotá Department, Neiva Department, Mariquita Department, and San Martín Territory.[3]

Later in 1861, Mariquita Department and Neiva Department were separated to form Tolima State.

Departments of 1862[edit]

By the law of 25 August 1862 the state was divided into 7 departamentos:[4]

Departments of 1874[edit]

For the year 1874 the number of departments remained the same, but some had been deleted and others created:[5]

San Martín Territory, capital in Villavicencio, was in Bogotá Department but under administration of the national government.[3]


Coordinates: 4°39′N 74°3′W / 4.650°N 74.050°W / 4.650; -74.050