Pandavkada Falls

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Pandavkada Falls
Kharghar Falls
Pandavkada Falls, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai
Pandavkada   Falls is located in Mumbai
Pandavkada   Falls
Pandavkada   Falls
LocationKharghar, Navi Mumbai, Raigad, India
Coordinates19°03′24″N 73°03′47″E / 19.05668°N 73.06303°E / 19.05668; 73.06303Coordinates: 19°03′24″N 73°03′47″E / 19.05668°N 73.06303°E / 19.05668; 73.06303
Total height107 metres (351 ft)[1]

Pandavkada Falls is a waterfall located Kharghar, a suburb of Navi Mumbai. The waterfall, about 107 metres high is a type of 'plunge' waterfall in nature pouring in massive amounts of water on the rocky surface underneath. Pandavkada Waterfall is a popular spot for one day picnics.


Pandavkada is said to have derived its name from the Pandavas, who had once visited the place and took bath below the falls when they were exiled in the forests as per Hindu mythology. And within pandavkada is a big tunnel from where pandavas had come, that's why it is known as pandavkada ankit


Pandavkada Waterfalls is located in Kharghar, which is accessible by trains via Harbour Line and Trans Harbour line. Auto rickshaws are available from Kharghar railway Station. Alternatively, people can go from Konkan Railway and get down at Taloja Panchnand Station.


Pandavkada waterfall is being declared as a dangerous spot by the CIDCO. In 2010, about 12 students had lost their lives while swimming in the waterfall. Previously, a ban was imposed from entering the fall, after four students drowned in the waterfall in 2005 which was lifted long ago by the forest department. However, according to officials of Kharghar police station, tourists are Charged Rs.50/person to visit the spot as per their wish but on their own risk. [2]


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