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Pandora's box refers to the container opened by the Greek mythological woman Pandora releasing all the evils of humanity into the world.

Pandora's box may also refer to:

Theatre, film and television[edit]

  • Pandora's Box (play), a 1904 German play (Die Büchse der Pandora) by Frank Wedekind
  • Pandora's Box (1929 film), a 1929 film by G. W. Pabst, starring Louise Brooks
  • Pandora's Box (2008 film), an award-winning Turkish drama directed by Yeşim Ustaoğlu
  • Trois 2: Pandora's Box, a 2002 erotic thriller directed by Rob Hardy
  • Pandora's Box (TV series), a 1992 documentary series by Adam Curtis
  • "Pandora's Box", two-episodes story of the Mighty Max cartoon TV series
  • Pandora Spocks, a spin on the phrase "Pandora's box", and the pseudonym of Samantha's cousin Serena on the TV show Bewitched
  • "Little Box of Evil" (Pandora's Box), a 2005 episode of the show Charmed
  • Pandora's Box, a feature on the television series Big Brother where a contestant is tempted to open a box that contains a prize as well as some sort of negative consequence.
  • Pandora's box is represented as "The Pandorica", a box created to hold the Doctor in the 2010 episodes of "Doctor Who", The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang.
  • Pandora's Box is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the seventh episode of the third season.
  • Pandora's Box is present in the TV series Warehouse 13 where it is fully destroyed, taking the worlds hope with it resulting in hopelessness and despair.



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