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Pandrol Holding Ltd
Private company
HeadquartersAddlestone, United Kingdom
ProductsDesign and manufacture of rail fastenings
ParentDelachaux Group

Pandrol UK is a British company that manufactures rail fastenings, which are used to fasten rails to railway sleepers.[1]

A Pandrol E clip in use
Statue of a Pandrol PR clip in Calgary


The Pandrol clip was patented in 1957 by a Norwegian railways engineer, Per Pande Rolfsen. It is now common worldwide. Pandrol has manufacturing plants in 12 countries and 82 markets. Over 240 railway systems in 91 countries adopted its products. The original clip is now called the "PR-clip"


The Pandrol "Fastclip" was introduced in 2000 to overcome some of the limitations of the original E-clip. In particular, the Fastclip is captive to the concrete sleeper to which it is attached and is more suitable for automatic insertion and extraction.[2]


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