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Panic Inc.
HeadquartersPortland, Oregon
Key people
Steven Frank and Cabel Sasser
ProductsTransmit, Coda, Firewatch, Playdate

Panic Inc. is a Portland, Oregon-based software and video game company that specializes in macOS and iOS applications. It was founded by Steven Frank[1] and Cabel Sasser[2].



Panic is known for their flagship app Transmit[3] (1998), Audion (1999), Unison (2004), and Coda (2007). The company has won multiple Apple Design Awards for their products.

In 1999, Audion was introduced as a skinnable MP3 media player. One of its competitors, SoundJam MP, was acquired by Apple in 2000 and was further developed into iTunes 1.0, which became available in 2001.[4] Panic retired Audion in 2004 and began distributing it free of charge.[5]

After Audion, Panic focused development on two other software applications. In 2004, they released Unison, a Usenet reader.[6] In 2007, the web development application Coda was introduced.[7]

App Platform(s) Notes Ref.
Active Development
Coda macOS, iOS Web development
Transmit macOS FTP client
Prompt macOS Command line
Panic Pals iOS iMessage stickers
Audion macOS Music player [5]
CandyBar macOS Icon customization [8]
Desktastic macOS Desktop annotation
Stattoo macOS Computer statistics
Status Board iOS Information display [9]
Transmit iOS FTP client [10]
Unison macOS Usenet client [11]

Video Games[edit]

The company published their first video game, Firewatch, on February 9, 2016.[12] Panic is also publishing the upcoming Untitled Goose Game.[13]

On May 22, 2019, Panic unveiled Playdate, a handheld video game console.

Title Platform(s) Developer Release date Ref.
Firewatch PC (Windows, macOS, Linux),

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Campo Santo February 9, 2016 [12]
Untitled Goose Game PC (Windows, macOS), Nintendo Switch House House 2019 [14]


Playdate is a handheld gaming device, designed by Panic in collaboration with the Swedish firm Teenage Engineering. The device features a 400x240 pixel 1-bit screen, a directional pad on the left, two buttons on the right, and a mechanical crank on the right edge of the device.[15]

Games will be released in “seasons,” one game per week for twelve weeks.[16] Games will automatically download to the device when available. While some video games for Playdate are being produced at Panic, most games are created by prominent indie game developers such as Keita Takahashi, Zach Gage, Bennett Foddy, and Shaun Inman.[17]


Year App Award Category Result Ref.
2003 Transmit 2 Apple Design Awards Best Mac OS X User Experience Runner-up
2004 Unison 1.0.2a Apple Design Awards Best Mac OS X Product Runner-up
2004 Unison 1.0.2a Apple Design Awards Best Mac OS X User Experience Won
2005 Transmit 3 MacWorld MacWorld Best of Show Won [18]
2005 Transmit 3.2 Apple Design Awards Best Mac OS X Tiger Technology Adoption Won [19]
2007 Coda 1 Apple Design Awards Best Mac OS X User Experience Won [20]
2013 Coda 2 Apple Design Awards Mac OS X Won [21]


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