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Panic Inc.
Industry Software publishing
Founded Portland, Oregon
Headquarters Portland, Oregon
Key people
Steven Frank and Cabel Sasser
Products Transmit, Coda, Coda for iOS, Status Board, Prompt, Transmit iOS, Firewatch.

Panic is an Oregon-based software company that specializes in applications for Mac OS X and iOS. It was founded by Steven Frank[1] and Cabel Sasser.

Their flagship program is Transmit, an FTP client,[2] first released in 1998. The program currently competes with Fetch, Interarchy and Cyberduck, the other popular FTP clients for Mac OS X. Transmit has won a number of design awards, including Macworld Best of Show in 2005[3] and a 2005 Apple Design Award, for the Best Use of Mac OS X Tiger Technologies.[4]

Audion, released in 1999, was a skinnable MP3 media player that competed with MacAMP and SoundJam MP, which were the only other Mac OS MP3 players at the time. Apple's iTunes was released in 2001, and in 2004 Panic retired Audion's development and began releasing it free of charge.[5]

In 2004, Panic released their third major program, Unison, a Usenet reader. Unison also won an 2004 Apple Design Award, for Best Mac OS X User Experience, and was runner-up for Best Mac OS X Product of the year.[6]

In 2005, Panic expanded their offerings to include T-shirts.[7]

In 2007, the company released their fourth major program, Coda, a web development application[8] for which Panic was awarded the 2007 Apple Design Award for Best User Experience,[9] taking the award for a 2nd time.[6]

The company's first game, Firewatch, was released on 9th February 2016. The game was published by Panic and developed by Campo Santo.[10]


Discontinued products[edit]


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