Panmun Station

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Korean name
Hangul 판문역
Revised Romanization Panmun-yeok
McCune–Reischauer P'anmun-yŏk
General information
Location Kaesŏng Industrial Region,
North Hwanghae Province
North Korea
Owned by Korean State Railway
Operated by Korean State Railway
Platforms 1 (1 side platform)
Tracks 1
Opened 1 April 1908
Closed 1950-1953
Rebuilt 2003
Electrified No
Preceding station   Korean State Railway   Following station
toward P'yŏngyang
P'yŏngbu Line
Not in service
via DMZ

P'anmun Station is a railway station located in the Kaesŏng Industrial Region, North Hwanghae province, North Korea.[1] It is on located on the P'yŏngbu Line, which was formed from part of the Kyŏngŭi Line to accommodate the shift of the capital from Seoul to P'yŏngyang.[1]


Although the Kyŏngŭi Line was originally opened on 3 April 1906, the station itself was opened for passenger and freight service on 1 April 1908; the station was closed after the Korean War. The station, as well as the disused section from Kaesŏng across the DMZ to Dorasan, was rebuilt in 2003, and a special train inaugurating the reopened line ran on 17 May 2007. Regular freight service began between Dorasan and the Kaesŏng Industrial Region,[2] and although passenger service for South Korean workers exists between Dorasan and the Kaesŏng Industrial Area, apart from the inaugural special train, there has been no passenger service to P'anmun station. The freight and passenger services have been interrupted several times as a result of political events between North and South that have caused the closure of the industrial district; it was most recently reopened on 16 September 2013 after a five-month shutdown.[3]


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Coordinates: 37°55′41″N 126°38′36″E / 37.92806°N 126.64333°E / 37.92806; 126.64333