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EMMA for peace
Abbreviation EMMA for Peace
Motto "When music speaks, everybody understands"[citation needed]
Formation 2013
Type Nonprofit Organization for Music
Legal status Active
Headquarters Rome , Italy
Region served
Key people
Website www.emmaforpeace.org

EMMA for Peace, or the Euro Mediterranean Music Academy, is a network of music institutions in the Middle East and the Mediterranean region.[1]


EMMA for Peace was founded by young cultural entrepreneur Paolo Petrocelli.[2] EMMA for Peace also promotes music as a tool for diplomacy through collaborations with international institutional partners such as the UN organizations (particularly UNICEF and the UNHCR) and the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates.[3] EMMA also raises awareness in individual partner countries with the support of national institutions, as well as organizing concerts at major venues and festivals throughout the region.[4]

Artists of EMMA for Peace[edit]


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