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"Papa Do" is a song written by Lynsey de Paul and Barry Blue, who are credited as Rubin and Green.[1] The song was released as a single performed by Barry Green (aka Blue) in 1972 backed with "Boomerang" on the Decca label (both songs credited as written by Rubin and Green respectively)[2] and had a modicum of chart success in Spain, France and Sweden.[3] The Dutch group, Cardinal Point, recorded a version which was similar in style to that recorded by Green, as a track on their self-named album,[4] and the Greek group, The Daltons, also released a version of the song as a single.[5] The song was re-titled "Mama Do"[6] and the text slightly modified for de Paul's own jazzed up version, that served as the opening track for her debut album, Surprise, which was released in 1973.[7] In January 1974, Decca Records re-released the single to capitalize on Barry Blue's chart success and it received positive reviews.[8]

Barry Green's version of the song appeared on CD on the compilation album The Electric Asylum, Vol. 5: Rare British Freakrock in 2010.[9] The Dalton's version was included on a various artists compilation CD in 2008.[10][11]


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