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Papori the film.jpg
A Screenshot
Directed by Jahnu Barua
Produced by Sailadhar Baruah
Written by Jahnu Barua
Starring Gopi Desai
Biju Phukan
Sushil Goswami
Chetana Das
Dulal Roy
Music by Satya Baruah
P. P. Vidyanathan
Cinematography Binod Pradhan
Release date
  • 1986 (1986)
Running time
144 minutes
Country India
Language Assamese

Papori (Assamese: পাপৰী) is an Assamese language feature film directed by Jahnu Barua. The film stars Gopi Desai, Biju Phukan, Sushil Goswami, Chetana Das and Dulal Roy. The film was released in 1986.[1]

Plot summary[edit]

The film is set in the political background of the Assam agitation during the 1983 election. It is a story about Papori whose husband Binod is falsely arrested for her murder. A smuggler rapes Papori and her husband is convicted of it. Phukan, a police inspector finds the true murderer but cannot arrest him because the killer enjoys political protection. During this time, her daughter ends up in the hospital, where she eventually dies.[1]

Casts and characters[edit]

  • Gopi Desai as Papori
  • Sushil Goswami as Binod
  • Biju Phukan as Police inspector

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