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Jollywood refers to the film industry of Jharkhand state, India or cinema in Nagpuri, mundari, ho, khadiya etc dialect[1][2][3]


The first Jharkhandi (Jhaari) feature film was Sona Kar Nagpur (1994) which was produced and directed by Dhananjay Nath Tiwari[4][5][6]

Jharkhandi (Nagpuri dialect) feature films[edit]

  • Sona Kar Nagpur (1994)
  • Preet
  • Sajna Anadi (1999)
  • Guiya No.1
  • Black Iron Man-Birsa (2003)
  • Ulgulan- Ek Kranti (2004)
  • Pyar To Hoe Gelak (2006)
  • Pyar Kar Mehandi (2008)
  • Maai Kar Dulara (2008)
  • Baha (2008)
  • Tor Bina (2017)
  • Mahuaa (2018)

Jharkhadi Cinema named to Jollywood[edit]

During 1995 Ranchi's resident famous drama actor and cultural artist Sushil Ankan had the idea that the Jharkhandi cinema industry should have a name so he has named it Jollywood (like Chhollywood cinema of Chhattisgarh). The English leading newspaper Hindustan Times, Ranchi bureau's Satyendra Pathak first printed Jollywood in an article Jollywood Max Debut on 23 April 2001. After that Jollywood was used by various newspapers and it began to be popular in Jharkhand.[7][8]

People involved in Jollywood[edit]


Singers, Lyricist, and Composers[edit]




Fourth Jollywood Cine Kala Award Function[edit]

Fourth Jollywood Cine Kala Award function at Ranchi. The Jharkhand Assembly's Speaker C.P.Singh was chief guest. Bhojpuri singer Devi entertained the audience at a cultural programme after the award ceremony. [11]

Mainstream cinema category[edit]

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