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Developer(s) Kris Land (Designer), Larry West (Chief Architect), Craig Arnush (Software Engineer)
Stable release 2.16 / July 16, 1989
Operating system DOS
Type E-mail client
License Sold

Para Mail was a proprietary, electronic mail client that was developed and maintained by Kris Land and his team. It was originally released in 1985 for MS-DOS, but was subsequently ported to Microsoft Windows. A version for Apple Macintosh also used to be available.

On January 3, 1990, it was announced that Paradox Development of Para-Mail was acquired by Office Automation Systems later known as OCTuS, Inc.


Para-Mail was suitable for single or multiple users on stand-alone computers or on local area networks. A key feature of Para-Mail was that it supported image scanners, faxes, optical character recognition and voice mail all through one common user interface.[citation needed]

The original version worked with Novell NetWare networks and its Novell's Message Handling System (MHS) mail system;[1] a cut-down MHS-only version called PM-Remote was bundled with NetWare.[citation needed] Early versions used an idiosyncratic format for mail folders; later versions offer the standard Unix mailbox format as an alternative to the historical Para-Mail format.

Para-Mail supported the x.400, x.500 protocols as well as Novell's MHS.[citation needed]

From being the de facto standard email client[citation needed] on Novell NetWare networks, Para-Mail, along with Eudora and others suffered a similar fate to Netscape Navigator when Internet Explorer version 3.0 bundled Microsoft Internet Mail and News version 1.0 free-of-charge within Windows 95.


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