Paris Cockerels

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Paris Cockerels
Logo cockerels final.jpg
Nicknames The Cockerels, The Cocks, The Mighty Paris Cocks
Sport Australian Rules Football
Founded 1998
League Championnat de France de Football Australien
Based in Paris, France
Stadium Stade du Polygone, Vincennes
Colours Blue, White & Red
Chairman France Bérengère Portal
Head coach Australia Steven Ryan
Captain France Pierre Boscart
Championships 3

The Paris Cockerels are the oldest French Australian football club still in activity. Created by a community of Australians living in Paris, it is mainly composed of French and Australian players. They were responsible for the organization of the first 'Coupe de France' of Australian football, on June 28, 2008.

Club history[edit]

1998-2005: the origins[edit]

Former Paris Cockerels match kit (2008-2013)
Steven Ryan of the Paris Cockerels performs a clearance kick during the 2013-2014 Grand Final vs. the Toulouse Hawks
Baudouin Germond of the Paris Cockerels contests the ball in the air during the 2013-2014 Grand Final vs. the Toulouse Hawks

The club was founded in 1998 with the help of James Blanchard of the embassy of Australia in Paris, who at the time was responsible for sports at the embassy. Back then, the club was only made up from expatriate Australians living in France. It was also at this time that the first 100% French team was created, the Tasmania Montivilliers, in Normandie. The two teams thus benefited from the organisation of the first Australian football game on the French territory since the First World War. The score has since been forgotten, but it is more than probable that the Parisian club won due to the experience of their Australian players. Unfortunately this encounter will never be repeated as the Normands would fold the following year.

There would be a long wait before the Cockerels would be able to return in 2004 to the European footy scene. That year would see two confrontations organised against the Brussels Saints, the first one taking place in Brussels and the second one in château de Thoiry.

The summer of 2005 saw the arrival of the first French players for the Cockerels. They did not have to wait long to take part in their first match, as on September 5, 2005, a very young team from Strasbourg arrived in Paris for their first match. Once again, thanks to the experience of the Australian players, the Parisians were able to win the match easily (75 to 37). From this match two players were selected to travel to London to represent France for the first European Cup in October 2005. Some month after this event, the club was officially formed, under the name of the Paris Cockerels and chaired by a Frenchman, Olivier Tresca.

The difficult years, 2006-2007[edit]

Current Paris Cockerels match kit, easily recognizable with its Eiffel tower shaped sash
Julien Dagois of the Paris Cockerels handballs under pressure during the 2013-2014 Grand Final vs. the Toulouse Hawks
Garrath Holdstock of the Paris Cockerels gains possession of the ball during the 2013-2014 Grand Final vs. the Toulouse Hawks

After 2005 the Parisian club ran into somewhat of a bad patch. The majority of the Australians left France, and there was not a lot of time and effort invested into the club. Very few new players were recruited, and only two or three players were turning up to the trainings. In fact French footy in general was in a difficult period, with problems of recruitment and a series of heavy defeats at the German championship for the club of Strasbourg. Despite everything the club resisted and waited for better days. At the same time, the club tried to organise the 2006 edition of the European Championship of Australian football, but due to many unforeseen force the organisers were forced to cancel the event.

2008-2013: rebirth of the club and first successes[edit]

In February 2008 the rebirth of the team begins with the arrival of Cyril Talon. His arrival corresponds to the revival of footy in France with the creation of the Bordeaux Bombers (in October) and the Montpellier Fire Sharks a few months later. In spring the club sees a wave of recruitment and for the first time in the club's history they play in their official colours.

After many unfruitful attempts, the Parisian are finally able to play a match and it is on this occasion the Strasbourg Kangaroos were able to take their revenge. On May 31, 2008, the Parisian set out for Strasbourg in spite of the absence of some of their key players. The Alsatian are able to inflict a severe defeat to the Parisians with 94-45 in a match that was eventually stopped by a violent storm.

With the creation of Bordeaux and Montpellier, the leaders of the French Australian Football decided to organise the first Coupe de France of Australian football, it would be held in Paris on June 28, 2008.

This time the Parisian manpower is at full force and all the players eager to gain the title. All the forces of Australian Footy in France made the effort to be there for this historic day. In addition to the tournament, the organisers had arranged the demonstrations of the boomerang and the sales of Vegemite. In spite of a hard ground, and the multiple injuries (especially among the Parisians) the Cockerels are able to down their rivals of Strasbourg, the score 57-28. This day marks the great return of the Parisians to a higher level of footy in France, and also predicts large things for the future of the game not only in Paris but also in France.

Following on from this victory, the Parisians are ready to receive the Dutchmen for the first match between the teams of Paris and Amsterdam. Deprived of many of their players through injury and also out played technically, the Parisians go down to a painful score of 56-143.

In 2009 the Paris Cockerels entered a new era of success, and looked to stamp themselves as the powerhouse of Australian Rules Football in France. Popular captain Sebastian Sabogal led the Cockerels into 2009, and after a hard pre-season under Coach Graham Andrews they played their first match for 2009, a friendly, against the North London Lions at home. It was the first time the Cockerels had hosted an 18-a-side match and Paris turned on a beautiful day at the Bois de Vincennes. After a hard fought encounter which saw the Cockerels leading with 10 minutes to play, North London eventually proved too good. The final score was Lions 8.18.66, Paris 6.6.42. On Sunday May 29 the Cockerels assembled in Montpellier to play their opening match for the 2009 French cup, against the Montpellier Firesharks. The match was a good contest played in good spirits, and was Palli Finnssons first match as captain in the absence of Sabogal. The Cockerels were full of confidence after their good from against North London, and took that form into the 9 player form of the game, establishing a 7-goal lead by quarter time. Despite some rough play from the firesharks, Paris were unfazed and ran away with a 22.13.145 to 11.8.74 victory.

There was one more friendly before the season continued, this time against the Flying Dutchmen in Amsterdam. After many of the Cockerels players apparently stayed out until 6am in Amsterdam the night before the match, they lost the toss and kicked into a stiff breeze in the opening term. Consequently, Amsterdam kicked the first seven goals, and were never troubled, eventually winning 15.16.106 to 8.9.57. The match would ultimately be Sabogal's swan song, and the team celebrated hard into the following Saturday night.

After an easy victory against the Bordeaux Bombers in Paris, the Cockerels travelled to Strasbourg for what was effectively a playoff for the championship with both teams standing undefeated. In a slightly controversial result, Joey Maclean (playing in his one and only French Championship match) kicked 9 goals as the Cockerels rallied from a half time deficit to eventually win 103 - 61 and secure the first ever French Championship. The Cockerels also took out the French cup in Bordeaux.

Another French Premiership in 2009-2010 and two consecutive runners-up spots the following years, alongside a Coupe de France victory in 2011 cemented the cocks position as one of the powerhouses in French Aussie Rules football.

2013-2014: a new era begins[edit]

The 2013-2014 season is the beginning of a new cycle for the Paris Cockerels, with the renewal of most of the players. This new recruits wave is composed of both Aussie and French players, bringing a fresh spirit to the club.

Although the Cocks began the season with a single-point loss to the neighbours of Cergy-Pontoise, they enjoyed a winning streak next with wins at Bordeaux and Lyon and at home versus Strasbourg and Montpellier. The only setback in the meantime being a tough defeat given by the Hawks in Toulouse, the Cockerels made it to the finals. In the preliminary final, they headed back to Bordeaux where they snatched a tight overtime victory, which marked the first overtime game in French Aussie Rules football history. In the Grand Final, the Paris Cockerels suffered another loss in Toulouse, in a game that saw the Hawks grab their second straight title.

In the same 2013-2014 season, the Cockerels travelled to Glasgow to take part in the Haggis Cup. Suffering an injury in their first game, they had to play all day without any interchange players but almost managed to make it to the podium in the end, falling in the 4th spot.

The Paris Cockerelles, the club women's team was formed the same year. Lacking a few players and opponents in France they could not take part in an official game during their first season. However, new player arriving for the 2014-2015 season strengthened the side and they keep on improving all the time.

2014-2015: back to the top[edit]

Eager to improve after the previous year disappointing result, the Cockerels got back to work under a new coach Steven Ryan. After remaining undefeated all-season long, the Paris Cockerels hosted the Montpellier Firesharks in the championship Grand Final on June 27, 2015. They finally ended their four-years Championship draught with a convincing win (27.16.178 to 9.8.62) that has been widely recognized as one of the best games in the history of French footy. After the game, Steven Ryan, the Cockerels coach, released the following statement: "It's been called by some as the most devastating display of football ever seen in the national competition. Whatever your opinion, those players can be proud of the brand of football they delivered that day. It can only be good news for French football. Everyone to play in the future will now play catch up to the challenge that this team has laid down."

2015-2016: creation of the Paris Cockatoos[edit]

Following their Premiership win, the Paris Cockerels were confronted with a new problem, since too many players were part of the team, reducing dramatically the opportunities to take part into official games.

The solution was found with the creation of a second team: the Paris Cockatoos. At the Cockatoos creation, their ranks have been filled with Cockerels, the original team being split into two balanced sides, giving everyone the opportunity to fulfill their potential. Both teams are still training together but they are competing separately in the French Premiership.

The season 2015-2016 saw the first Paris derby, which was won by the newly founded Cockatoos (8.14.62 to 10.11.71) on October 31, 2015. On the 25th of June 2016, the Paris Cockatoos clinched the 2015/2016 National Championship defeating the Cergy-Pontoise Coyotes in the Grand Final in Bordeaux.


Paris International Rules Cup[edit]

On November 24, 2008 the first match of International Rules Football in France was organised, putting the Australian Rules football team (Cockerels) against the Gaelic football (Gaels). The Gaels quickly dominated the meeting thanks to a team that was well experience and accustomed to play together. In spite of a heavy defeat, the Cockerels showed that they could compete with one of the best European teams of Gaelic football, with the Gaels having won the Gaelic Football European Championship four times.

At the end of this meeting, the leaders of the two clubs decided to organize the first International Rules competition in France, the International Paris Rules Cup (PIRC). This competition is the first of its kind in continental Europe. It is held every year from November to March, and there is a meeting every month. The team that wins the most matches at the end of the five months of competitions is declared the champion.

Such a competition allows the Cockerels a superb opportunity to accumulate match time. Furthermore, the Gaels have such a level of play that is equivalent to the best European teams of Australian football, thus ensuring the Cockerels a constant high level of training and competition.

However, this competition was ultimately abandoned after the 2009 season.

Championnat de France de Football Australien - French Super League[edit]

The 2015 French Australian Football Super League is the seventh edition of the tournament. It gathers eight teams and is organized by the CNFA. The competition started on October 11, 2014 and will end on June 27, 2015 with the Grand Final that will be played in Paris.

Coupe de France de Football Australien - French Cup[edit]

Gathering all of the French clubs, the French Cup takes place every year in September.

Haggis Cup[edit]

Organiized by the Scottish Australian Rules Football League (SARFL), it takes place every year in Glasgow or Edinburg.

The Cockerels took part in the 2014 edition in Glasgow and they would love to participate again in the future.

Trophies and results[edit]

French National Championship[edit]

Season Rank Winner
2008-2009 Med 1.png Champions Paris Cockerels
2009-2010 Med 1.png Champions Paris Cockerels
2010-2011 Med 2.png Runners-up Bordeaux Bombers
2011-2012 Med 2.png Runners-up Bordeaux Bombers
2012-2013 Med 2.png Runners-up Toulouse Hawks
2013-2014 Med 2.png Runners-up Toulouse Hawks
2014-2015 Med 1.png Champions Paris Cockerels

French Cup[edit]

Year Rank
2008 Med 1.png Champions
2009 Med 1.png Champions
2010 Med 2.png Runners-up
2011 Med 1.png Champions
2012 Med 2.png Runners-up
2013 Med 2.png Runners-up
2014 Med 2.png Runners-up

Paris International Rules Cup[edit]


Club G O B S Club G O B S Date
Logo Paris Cockerels.jpg Paris Cockerels 0 3 5 17 Logo Paris gaels.jpg Paris Gaels 3 13 2 84 24 November 2008
Logo Paris Cockerels.jpg Paris Cockerels  ?  ?  ? 24 Logo Paris gaels.jpg Paris Gaels  ?  ?  ? 70 15 December 2008
Logo Paris Cockerels.jpg Paris Cockerels 2 8 11 47 Logo Paris gaels.jpg Paris Gaels 3 15 20 83 26 January 2009
Logo Paris Cockerels.jpg Paris Cockerels 6 2 12 54 Logo Paris gaels.jpg Paris Gaels 2 5 10 43 15 March 2009
Legend : G : Number of goals, O : Number of overs,B : Number of behinds, S : Final Score

Friendly matches[edit]


Club G B S Club G B S Date and place
France Paris Cockerels  ?  ?  ? France Tasmania Montivilliers  ?  ?  ? around 1998, supposed Parisian victory
Belgium Brussels Saints  ?  ? 78 France Paris Cockerels  ?  ? 61 25 May 2004 in Bruxelles
France Paris Cockerels  ?  ?  ? Belgium Brussels Saints  ?  ?  ? summer of 2004, Château de Thoiry, Belgian victory
France Paris Cockerels  ?  ? 75 France Strasbourg Kangaroos  ?  ? 37 5 September 2005 in Paris
France Strasbourg Kangaroos 14 10 94 France Paris Cockerels 6 9 45 31 May 2008 in Strasbourg
France Paris Cockerels 8 8 56 NetherlandsAmsterdam 20 23 143 12 July 2008 in Paris
France Paris Cockerels 6 6 42 England North London Lions 8 18 66 21 March 2009 in Paris
France Paris Cockerels  ?  ? ? NetherlandsFlying Dutchmen  ?  ? ? 4 April 2009 in Amsterdam
France Paris Cockerels  ?  ? ? NetherlandsFlying Dutchmen  ?  ? ? 5 September 2009 in Paris
Legend : G : Number of goals, B : Number of behinds, S : Final Score


Current roster[edit]

Paris Cockerels 2016-2017[edit]

Surname First Name Country Position Number
Robert Nicolas France Back 51
Rolland Xavier France Back 72
Ryan Huw AustraliaFrance Back 4
Vieux de Morzadec Guillaume France Forward 6
Delmas Matthieu France Midfielder 94
Germond Baudouin France Ruck/Forward/Back 11
Arnephy Paul Australia Forward 35
Boscart Pierre France Forward 19
Descours Etienne France Forward 12
Ramdani Amine France Forward 13
Woods Cameron Australia Forward 32
Blechynden Daniel Australia Back 17
Simpson Ben Australia Midfielder
Nussbaumer Franck France Midfielder
Dulchain Alexandre France Midfielder
Erra Pierre France Midfielder
Nadal Miguel Spain Forward
McInerney Drew Australia Back
Rea Hugo France Back
Benoit Ryan Australia Midfielder

Paris Cockatoos 2016-2017[edit]

Name First Name Country Position Number
Chauvin Simon France Back 42
Dony Clément France Back 14
Mouchard Gwendal France Back 5
Barbaria Yvan France Back 22
Bouchet Clément France Midfielder 17
Dagois Julien France Midfielder 9
Daniel François France Midfielder
Stanley Tristan AustraliaGermany Back/Ruck 7
Unsworth Andrew Australia Forward 2
Robson Karl Australia Back/Forward 30
Senkans Andrew Australia Forward 3
Azemard Thomas France Forward 4
Glinec Simon France Back
Trollope Steven Australia Midfielder
Smith Kevin Republic of Ireland Midfielder
Barker Sean Australia Forward
Raiwalui Jacob FranceFijiAustralia Ruck
Flood Zack Australia Ruck/Back
Scherman Viktor Norway Ruck
Pichaud Xavier France Back

Cockerelles team 2016-2017[edit]

Name First Name Country Position Number
Ducquet Coline FranceFRA Back
Guriah-Mira Laëtitia FranceFRA Back 4
Pille Anne FranceFRA Back 26
Portal Bérengère FranceFRA Back 7
Perez Claire FranceFRA Midfielder
Jesse Welton AustraliaAUS Midfielder
Si Haddi Sabrina FranceFRA Midfielder 8
Berger France FranceFRA Forward 31
Thelliez Elise FranceFRA Forward

Honour board[edit]

Club Founder[edit]

  • 1998 : Australia James Blanchard

Club Presidents[edit]

  • 2005 - 2008 : France Olivier Tresca
  • 2008 - 2010 : France Cyril Talon
  • 2010 - 2012 : France Maureen Bassard
  • 2012 - 2014 : France Sébastien Artus
  • 2014 - 2016 : France Bérengère Portal
  • 2016 -  : France Fanny Maillet

Club Coaches[edit]

  • 2005 - 2008 : France Olivier Tresca
  • 2008 - 2011 : Australia Graham Andrews
  • 2011 - 2014 : Australia Andrew Senkans
  • 2014 - 2016 : Australia Steven Ryan
  • 2016 -  : Australia Mike Cowan

Club Captains[edit]

  • 2005 - 2008 : France Olivier Tresca
  • 2008 - 2009 : Australia Sebastian Sabogal
  • 2009 - 2011 : Iceland Páll Tómas Finnsson
  • 2011 - 2013 : France François Daniel
  • 2013 - 2015 : France Maxence Launais
  • 2015 -  : France Pierre Boscart (Cockerels) & France Clément Bouchet (Cockatoos)

Notable Former players[edit]

  • 2004 : Australia Richard McKenzie
  • 2005 : France Laurent Caravelle
  • 2005 : France Olivier Tresca
  • 2006 : France Guillaume Lebrun
  • 2006 : France Clément Charlet
  • 2006 : Australia David O'Hanlon
  • 2008 : France Cyril Talon
  • 2008 : Australia Graham Andrews
  • 2008 : Iceland Páll Tómas Finnsson
  • 2008 : France Denis Schneider
  • 2008 : France Jérôme Loubet
  • 2008 : France Bertrand Lejeune
  • 2008 : France Jules Lecerf
  • 2008 : France Léo Filipetti
  • 2008 : Australia Nicholas Andrews
  • 2008 : Australia Sam Dawkins
  • 2008 : Australia Sebastian Sabogal
  • 2008 : Australia Trent Broadway
  • 2008 : Australia Cameron Miller
  • 2008 : France Nicolas Campo
  • 2009 : Australia Joey MacLean
  • 2009 : Australia Shannon Birchall
  • 2009 : Australia David Hislop
  • 2009 : Canada Mike Karas
  • 2009 : France Amaury Launais
  • 2009 : South Africa Harold Courchay
  • 2009 : Australia Subajan Sivandran
  • 2009 : Australia Adam Sargon
  • 2009 : Australia Joel Booth
  • 2009 : Australia Dom Wenden
  • 2009 : France Sebastien Artus
  • 2009 : France Jean François Bouron
  • 2009 : Australia Ivan Price
  • 2009 : France Jacques Rossard (resumed playing for the club)
  • 2009 : Australia Edouard Cameron
  • 2009 : Australia Dan Andrews
  • 2010 : France Wilfried Houvion
  • 2011 : Australia Liam Wilson
  • 2013 : Scotland Angus Mackintosh
  • 2013 : Australia Garrath Holdstock
  • 2013 : Australia Tim Milton-Hind
  • 2015 : FranceItaly Aldwin Bevilacqua
  • 2015 : France Jérôme Fournier
  • 2015 : France Julien Aussoleil
  • 2015 : France Arnaud Bezard
  • 2015 : France Kevin Taulera
  • 2015 : France Hugo Basset
  • 2015 : Australia Hugh Atkin
  • 2015 : Australia Daniel Stephens
  • 2015 : Australia Mark Arnephy
  • 2015 : Australia Jake Calvert
  • 2015 : FranceEngland Thomas Hedley
  • 2016 : Australia Andrew Moore
  • 2016 : Australia Steven Ryan
  • 2016 : France Maxence Launais
  • 2016 : France Jules Frossard
  • 2016 : AustraliaEstonia Stuart Saare
  • 2016 : France Camille Portal

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