Paro Wars

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Paro Wars
Developer(s)Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
Designer(s)Akie Karibe (Package)
Yumenosuke Tokuda (Visual)
Noritoshi Kodama, Chieko Mukaiyama, Kosue Kamito, Yoko Suzuki (Graphic)
Seiya Murai (Sound)
Composer(s)Tomomi Ota, Seiya Murai, Kosuke Soeda
  • JP: September 25, 1997
  • JP: December 9, 1999 (Konami the Best)
Genre(s)Turn-based strategy
Mode(s)Single player, multiplayer (simultaneous)

Paro Wars (パロウォーズ) is a turn-based strategy video game produced by Konami on September 1997 in Japan only (with the re-release as a Konami the Best title in December 1999). It features characters and conflicts based upon the popular Parodius series of video games which in turn is a parody of the long running Gradius series. It is the last installment of the Parodius series and is the Parodius equivalent to Cosmic Wars, a turn-based strategy game set in the Gradius universe, or R-Type Tactics, set in the R-Type universe.


The "second great world war Parodius" that led the world into a fit of laughter ended more than 50 years ago. Three military organizations: "The Alliance Penta", "Organization Koitsu and Aitsu" and "Alliance Araji" will control each other in secret, and as a result of peace is maintained through this exquisite balance. However, this stability began to alter when a mysterious cat named John Myan Jiro begins to interfere in these relationships. Win the "third great war of the world Parodius" for peace and honor of your country!

Characters and voices[edit]

  • Hikaru - Voiced by Yuko Nagashima
  • Akane - Voiced by Mariko Onodera
  • John Nyan Jiro - Voiced by Isamu Tanonaka
  • King Pentarou III (ペン太郎キング3世, Pen Tarō Kingu 3-sei) (a.k.a. Pentarou) - Voiced by Fuyumi Shiraishi
  • Michael Abu IV (ミカエル・アブゥ4世, Mikaeru abu~u 4-sei) (a.k.a. Michael) - Voiced by Rica Matsumoto
  • Empress Yoshiko VII (よしこ女帝7世, Yoshiko nyotei 7-sei) (a.k.a. Yoshiko) - Voiced by Shigeru Chiba


The object of Paro Wars is to utilize an army composed of Parodius characters (penguins, octopuses, etc.) and battle enemies on various 3D-rendered battlefields. There are many different unit types, ranging from troops, to planes, to tank-like vehicles. A single scenario may take multiple hours to complete.

Board Game[edit]

  • An Board Game based on the video game Paro Wars was Developed by Konami on February 11, 1998 in Japan.