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Parvin Darabadi (Russian: Парвин Дарабади) is a Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor at the International Relations Department, Baku State University.

He is the author of more than 100 scientific, academic-methodological, and scientific-popular works on various problems of military-political history, geopolitics, and conflictology, including the following monographs:[1]

  • Voennye problemy politicheskoy istorii Azerbaidzhana nachala XX veka (Military Problems of Azerbaijan’s Political History in the Early 20th century) (1991),[2]
  • Geopoliticheskoe sopernichestvo v Kaspiiskom regione i Azerbaidzhan (Geopolitical Rivalry in the Caspian Region and Azerbaijan) (2001),
  • Geoistoria Kaspiiskogo regiona i geopolitika sovremennosti (Geohistory of the Caspian Region and Geopolitics of the Present Day) (2002),[3]
  • Кавказ и Каспий в мировой истории и геополитике ХХI века / Kavkaz i Kaspiĭ v mirovoĭ istorii i geopolitike XXI veka, (The Caucasus, and Caspian in world history and 21st century politics) (2010) [4]