Passage to Arcturo

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Passage to Arcturo
Passage to arcturo.jpg
EP by
ReleasedMay 1991[1]
RecordedApril 1991
GenreDeath metal, black metal
35:27 (Re-release version)
LabelDecapitated Records[1]
ProducerRotting Christ
Rotting Christ chronology
The Other Side of Life
Passage to Arcturo
Thy Mighty Contract

Passage to Arcturo is the first EP[1] by Greek extreme metal band Rotting Christ, released in 1991. It was originally an MLP-pressing only: first edition in gatefold cover; second edition with normal cover. The EP was re-released in February 2011 with "The Old Coffin Spirit (Live)", "The Mystical Meeting (Live)" and "The Forest of N'Gai (Live)" as bonus tracks on MCD.[2]

Track listing[edit]

Original Edition[edit]

Side A
1."Intro - Ach Golgotha" (Instrumental)1:08
2."The Old Coffin Spirit"4:52
3."The Forest of N'Gai"5:50
Side B
4."The Mystical Meeting (Dog Spleh Esoth Sevlesmeth)"4:36
5."Gloria de Domino Inferni"1:37
6."Inside the Eye of Algond"5:58
Total length:24:01

In 2006, Unruly Sounds reissued Passage to Arcturo with the three above noted bonus tracks. Furthermore, the introduction was removed (bringing the Unruly Sounds version to 8 tracks total rather than the 9 it would be if the introduction were featured).