Passage to Arcturo

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Passage to Arcturo
Passage to arcturo.jpg
EP by Rotting Christ
Released May 1991[1]
Recorded April 1991
Genre Death metal, black metal
Length 24:01
35:27 (Re-release version)
Label Decapitated Records[1]
Producer Rotting Christ
Rotting Christ chronology
The Other Side of Life
(1989)The Other Side of Life1989
Passage to Arcturo
Thy Mighty Contract
(1993)Thy Mighty Contract1993

Passage to Arcturo is the first EP[1] by Greek extreme metal band Rotting Christ, released in 1991. It was originally an MLP-pressing only: first edition in gatefold cover; second edition with normal cover. The EP was re-released in February 2011 with "The Old Coffin Spirit (Live)", "The Mystical Meeting (Live)" and "The Forest of N'Gai (Live)" as bonus tracks on MCD.[2]

Track listing[edit]

Original Edition[edit]

Side A
1."Intro - Ach Golgotha" (Instrumental)1:08
2."The Old Coffin Spirit"4:52
3."The Forest of N'Gai"5:50
Side B
4."The Mystical Meeting (Dog Spleh Esoth Sevlesmeth)"4:36
5."Gloria de Domino Inferni"1:37
6."Inside the Eye of Algond"5:58
Total length:24:01

In 2006, Unruly Sounds reissued Passage to Arcturo with the three above noted bonus tracks. Furthermore, the introduction was removed (bringing the Unruly Sounds version to 8 tracks total rather than the 9 it would be if the introduction were featured).