Pat Harrison Waterway District

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Pat Harrison Waterway District
Pat Harrison Waterway District Logo.jpg
TypeState Agency
PurposeFlood control, Recreation
Headquarters17 J M Tatum Industrial Drive, Suite 120
Hattiesburg, Mississippi[1]
Region served
Southeastern and East Central Mississippi
Executive Director

Hiram Boone[2]
WebsitePat Harrison Waterway District

Pat Harrison Waterway District (PHWD) is a Mississippi State Agency with headquarters in Hattiesburg. The agency was created in 1962 with a directive of flood control in southeastern and east central Mississippi.

History and mission[edit]

Pat Harrison Waterway District Headquarters in Hattiesburg, MS[3]

When the Waterway District was created in 1962, its main mission was flood control for rivers and their tributaries along the Pascagoula River Basin in southeastern and east central Mississippi.[4] In addition to flood control, the agency’s mission expanded to include water management and recreation.[1] The District derives its name from Pat Harrison, who served Mississippi as U.S. Representative (1911–19) and Senator (1919-41).


Funding for PHWD comes from ad valorem taxes collected in member Counties, park recreation fees, timber sales, and interest from investments.[5] PHWD is governed by an 18 member Board of Directors, with one Director appointed from each of the 15 member Counties and three Directors appointed by the Governor of Mississippi.[5] Full-time employees are located at the central office in Hattiesburg and at the District’s eight water parks.

Member counties[edit]

Originally, there were 15 Mississippi counties in the Pat Harrison Waterway District:[5]

Former Pat Harrison Waterway District Headquarters in 2012

As of 2014, three counties (Forrest, Jasper, and Lamar) had withdrawn from the District.[6]

In the summer of 2018, PHWD moved out of their 56-year-old office building located at 6081 U.S. Route 49 south, as part of a lawsuit settlement with Forrest County.[7] In September 2018, Forrest County Board of Supervisors ordered the demolition of the county-owned building, including its distinctive mural, to facilitate road construction near Forrest General Hospital.[8][9][10]

Water resources[edit]

Water resources in the Pascagoula River Basin, over which Pat Harrison Waterway District has jurisdiction, include:[5]

Water parks[edit]

The agency oversees eight water parks with public amenities that include camp sites, boat launches, cabins, picnic areas, swimming areas, and meeting facilities.[5]

Little Black Creek Water Park (Lumberton, MS) was formerly managed by PHWD, but was leased to a private developer in 2013.[11]


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