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Patheon N.V.
IndustryContract pharmaceutical services
Key people
James C. Mullen (CEO); Stuart Grant (CFO and Executive VP)[1]
Revenue$1.7 billion (2015)[2]
Number of employees
ParentThermo Fisher Scientific

Patheon N.V. is a pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) headquartered in Amsterdam and Durham, North Carolina, United States. It provides contract development and manufacturing services of prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical products for approximately 400 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.[3]

It was founded in 1974 as Custom Pharmaceuticals Ltd., and changed its name to Patheon in 1993 when it was first publicly traded.[4] The New York private equity firm JLL Partners has owned a controlling stake in Patheon since 2009.[5] In 2014, Patheon merged with the drug manufacturing business of Royal DSM NV, becoming a joint-venture between JLL Partners and DSM.[6] As of 2016, Patheon owns manufacturing sites in North America, Europe, Japan, Australia,[7] and Canada.


Patheon was founded in Fort Erie, Ontario in 1974 as Custom Pharmaceuticals Ltd. In 1990, it began to expand to US markets. Custom Pharmaceuticals changed its name to Patheon in 1993 and was first publicly traded that year on the Toronto Stock Exchange.[4]

In 2004, Patheon acquired MOVA, a drug manufacturer based in Puerto Rico, US. The deal proved unprofitable, and in 2007, the New York equity firm JLL Partners provided Patheon $150 million to restructure. Two years later, after a failed takeover bid by Lonza Group, JLL Partners bought a controlling interest in the company.[8]

In December 2012, Patheon acquired Banner Pharmacaps, a drug manufacturer specializing in softgels, for $255 million. (Patheon changed the company's name the following year to "Banner Life Sciences").[9] In a $2.6 billion deal, Patheon merged with the pharmaceutical division of Royal DSM NV in 2014 after JLL Partners bought a controlling stake in the latter as well, adding significantly to Patheon's European production capacity.[10][11]

In 2015, Patheon acquired Agere Pharmaceuticals, an Oregon company specializing in drug solubility, and IRIX, a maker of specialist Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in South Carolina, the latter for $162.78 million.[12][13]

On August 29, 2017, Thermo Fisher Scientific completed its acquisition of Patheon for $7.2 billion.[14]

Dosage Forms, Products[edit]

Patheon does not own any of the licences of the products it manufactures and is often listed as the manufacturer on packaging, with the product licence holder's brand name, product name and corporate identity being used. Patheon's clients include such pharmaceutical brands as Merck & Co, Novartis, Takeda and Sanofi Aventis, with biotechnology customers including Amgen and Avanir Pharmaceuticals. Patheon has manufactured or developed more than 800 products.[15]

Development activities are undertaken by Patheon Pharmaceutical Development Services (known as PDS), a division of Patheon Inc. operating in Europe, Canada and the United States. As of 2016, Patheon owns manufacturing sites in Canada, the continental US, Puerto Rico, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, and Australia.[7]

Patheon manufactures products in various dosage forms: oral (tablets, capsules), injectable sterile products (vials, ampoules, pre-filled syringes containing liquids, powders and lyophilisates) and topicals (creams, ointments, drops, nasal sprays, medicated and non-medicated gauze).


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