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Patricia Rodas (n. 1960) is a Honduran politician. She was foreign minister in the government of Manuel Zelaya and was deposed in the 2009 Honduran constitutional crisis in June, 2009.

She openly promoted Manuel Zelaya's continuity in power and according to the Honduran constitution she ceased to be foreign minister in the very moment in which she activated the clause contained in the article 239 of the Honduran constitution, which states the following. "ARTICULO 239.- The citizen who has carried out the titularity of the Executive Branch will not be able to be president or designate. Whoever breaks this disposition or proposes its reform, as well as those who support this directly or indirectly, will immediately cease in the performance of their respective positions, and will be disqualified for ten years to perform any public function." This woman is very well known for her permanent attempts to impose on Honduras, a constitution related to Cuba's and Venezuela's, destroying the democratic and republican form of government of Honduras.[1] She openly and flagrantly violated the constitution and disregarded the judicial and legislative branches of government. Forced into exile she has become a spokesperson for Zelaya in his attempts to regain the presidency.[2] She faces criminal prosecution because she has traveled around the world removing and appointing ambassadors in Honduran embassies.[3][4]

Rodas has a reputation as a doctrinaire, hard-line Marxist.[5][6]

In 2007, being a government official, Rodas purchased at least 113 hectares of land in Vallecillo, Francisco Morazán for 32,000 lempiras and just days later sold it to the government of Honduras for 3.5 million. She faces criminal prosecution for these charges.[7][8]

Manuel Zelaya appointed Rodas as his new Foreign Minister in January 2009.[9] In early 2009 Rodas tried to fire people from the Foreign Ministry, but lost in court. She violated court orders.[10] On June 24, she called the country's constitution "an eyesore".[11]

After she was fired by the new interim government, she appointed her nephew to manage the Honduran embassy in Nicaragua.[12]


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