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Patrick Muzingo
Born (1965-09-27) September 27, 1965 (age 51)
Los Angeles, California
Origin Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres Hard rock, heavy metal, punk rock, cowpunk
Years active 1983–present
Labels Geffen Records, Cargo Records, Cleopatra Records, MCA Records, 510 Records, Toxic Shock, Universal Music Group, Mystic Records, Smart Recordings, Split 7 Records, Side One Dummy, Heatslick Records, Rhino Records, Deadline Records, Insane Industries, BYO Records
Associated acts The Atoms, Saint Vitus Dance Band, Section 8/Americas Hardcore, Tourist, Decry, Shanghai, Pirates of Venus, Junkyard, Battery Club, Catfish, Suckerpunch, Speedbuggy USA
Notable instruments

Patrick Muzingo (born September 27, 1965)[1] started playing the drums at the age of 12. Hailing from Los Angeles, California he grew up with a supportive family that boasted other musicians. Growing up in the 1970s and 80's brought the drummer into some amazing situations. Looking back Muzingo experienced the 1st wave of Pool skating, was one of the original Eagle Rock ramp (featured in Thrasher, Trans World skate mag and others) crew, witnessed many genres of music in its infancy including the 1st wave of Punk rock and the late 80's signing spree of rock bands in Los Angeles. Muzingo reflects back (from a 2005 interview) on growing up during these important times- "Its funny, I used to skate with so many now famous skaters. I even entered contests where I beat a few skaters that are now multi millionaires. With the music thing I saw friends go from living with various girlfriends to owning huge houses and selling multi platinum releases. I was in some pretty cool situations. I got to grow up with many now successful/ famous people. Unfortunately I saw many talented people fall to dependencies that lead to their own demise."

Skateboarding was a passion of his 'til 1983 when he had to make the decision to either go the distance skating or make the commitment to play drums full-time. He decided to go the route of a musician which proved to be the right one. From 1985 to late 1986 he decided to call San Francisco home and was playing with The Pirates of Venus which featured members of Decry, Verbal Abuse and Tales of Terror. The then "SF sound" was not "paying the bills" so he decided to split back to LA. Within 2 hours of his arrival back home he was called by Chris Gates from the Big Boys and Poison 13 (which he had met touring through Texas with Decry back in 1984) to join a then up and coming six-month-old Junkyard. Muzingo was already a fan of Gates so it was a no brainer.[2]

From 1986 until the present he has recorded for Junkyard as well as MCA artists Suckerpunch, Sex Pistol Steve Jones and Country rockers Speedbuggy USA. There were many other acts that he sat in with but none released anything worth mentioning.


Currently he is working as a web designer in California and is playing drums full-time with Junkyard.[3] As recently as September 2015 Muzingo was welcomed back to the DW (Drum Workshop) artist roster. Muzingo continues skateboarding daily thanks to his wife and daughter.

Associated acts[edit]

The Atoms[4]
Members included Guitarist Guns n' Roses guitarist Jeff Isbell aka Izzy Stradlin, D.F.L. vocalist Monty Messex, Lip Service Clothing owner Drew Bernstein on guitar, Singer/Songwriter Mike Martt. The band opened up for many acts such as the original Misfits, Social Distortion, T.S.O.L., D.O.A., etc.

Members included: Guitarist Vic Makauskas of Painted Willie and Vocalist Brandon Cruz currently of the Dead Kennedys. The group put out 4 releases on Mystic Records from 1980–1983

The Tourists
BYO Compilation "Something to Believe in". Song- "Memories" BYO Records 1983

Americas Hardcore/Section Eight
Founded by Lip Service Clothing owner Drew Bernstein on guitar. Various releases on Mystic records. All Mystic drum tracks were played by Muzingo. He was later replaced by good friend Aaron Glascock who was credited on most of the Mystic tracks.

From 1983-1986 the band toured the US quite a few times and was featured on many radio shows such as Rodney on the Roq. Many bands opened for Decry such as Guns and Roses, L.A. Guns, Raw Power, Corrosion of Conformity, and CH3 to name a few. In 1996 Cleopatra Records released a retrospective on the band. The band is currently reformed with original singer Farrell Holtz. In 1990 original Decry bassist Todd Muscat (Kill for Thrills) joined Muzingo again as the bassist for Junkyard.

Offshoot of Decry with original Symbol Six (band) singer Eric Leach and guitarist Taz Rudd. Band worked extensively with Kim Fowley in 1987.

The Pirates of Venus
Featured vocalist "Rats Ass" from punk legends Tales of Terror and guitarist Joie Mastrokalos from Verbal Abuse, Circle of Soul and Duff McKagan's solo band.

Battery Club
Formed band with MTV V.J. Riki Rachtman

The Rhythm Slaves
Formed with guitarist Brian Forsythe from KIX and Rhino Bucket[6] and bassist of Faster Pussycat.

Offshoot of The Rhythm Slaves with Brian Forsythe from KIX and Rail of Liars Inc.

High City Miles/Suckerpunch
Suckerpunch was released in 1996 on 510/MCA records. The band did spot touring with Cheap Trick, Bad Religion and US Bombs. Imprint label (510 records) folded in 1997. Band featured former members of Broken Glass and The Cult and current guitarist of Junkyard. Suckerpunch has also featured on many TV shows.

Smack/The Wyndham Stalls
Band was featured on Howard Stern radio show before splitting up in early 2004.

Speedbuggy USA
Too many releases to quote here. Extensive world tours for the last 8 years. In Dec. of 2007 unbenounced to Muzingo, Speedbuggy added a new drummer to their lineup.[7] Quote from recent Junkyard interview regarding Muzingo's surprise layoff..."Recently I parted ways with Speedbuggy due to personal differences. ......Next thing ya know an ad came out that the band was playing and the show came and went without a courtesy phone call to tell me I was replaced."[8]

The band existed between the years 1986-1992. Many tours of the USA and England headlining and opening up for the likes of Lynrd Skynyrd, The Almighty, The Black Crowes, The Supersuckers, Guns 'n Roses, Soul Asylum, Danzig, Social Distortion, Janes Addiction and many more.[9][10][11][12]

Junkyard disbanded in late 1992 only to reform again in 1999 to do a 5 city tour of Japan. Since 1999 they have done sporadic shows including the Serie Z Spanish music festival in mid-2003 and have released a live CD and a 6-song EP of new material. The band is currently scheduled for a dozen or so shows in the Spain and the USA for 2015 and 2016 to promote the new Junkyard single "Faded" on the Unison Music Group.

Current and Past Members of Junkyard included: Brian Baker - formerly of Minor Threat, now with Bad Religion Chris Gates- formerly of The Big Boys and Poison 13.
The debut release on Geffen should be certified platinum soon.


1991 – 1993, 2015–present - Endorsed by DW (Drum Workshop) Drums, Pedals and Hardware [13]

May 18, 2016 - Patrick has officially joined forces with Los Cabos Drumsticks. His stick of choice is White Hickory Rock model (D=.626" L=16.63")

Live drum set[edit]

DW (Drum Workshop) Maple kit built in 1991. White Marine Pearl finish 1991 - 2015

  • 18 x 26 bass
  • 11 x 14 Rack Tom
  • 16 x 18 Floor Tom
  • 5 x 16 Snare drum (2016 DW Collector’s Series®)
  • 5 x 15 Snare (backup)
  • 6.5 x 14 Snare (backup)

All DW 9000 hardware

2016 Kit DW (Drum Workshop) Maple kit Collector’s Series® White Glass

  • 14 x 26 bass
  • 9 x 13 Rack Tom
  • 16 x 18 Floor Tom

DW 9000 hardware


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