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Patrick Wimberly
Patrick Wimberly of Chairlift, 2016.jpg
Wimberly performing at Treefort Music Fest, March 2016
Background information
Birth nameJonathan Patrick Wimberly
BornNashville, Tennessee, United States
GenresIndie Pop, Electronic
Occupation(s)musician, songwriter, producer
Instrumentsdrums, bass guitar, keyboard
Years active2005–present
LabelsKanine Records, Columbia
Associated actsChairlift, Caroline Polachek, Das Racist, Solange Knowles, Beyoncé

Jonathan Patrick Wimberly (born May 29, 1983)[1] is an American record producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and mixing engineer, best known as being one-half of the synth-pop duo, Chairlift. The band parted ways in 2017 so Patrick and former bandmate Caroline Polachek could focus on their careers as producers/songwriters.[2]

Wimberly has worked on Grammy-winning albums such as Beyoncé's self-titled album and A Seat at the Table by Solange, both of which topped the Billboard charts, and produced MGMT's album, Little Dark Age.[3][4][5] He also has writing and production credits on critically lauded albums by Blood Orange, Empress Of, Wet, and many others.[6][7] In addition, Wimberly has scored for both film and television, with an example being as High Maintenance on HBO.[8]



Patrick has been actively producing records since 2010. After the disbandment of Chairlift in 2017, Patrick has spent the majority of his time producing records and collaborating with different artists. In 2018, Patrick produced MGMT's fourth record Little Dark Age. Public Access T.V.'s February 2018 release Street Safari was also produced by Wimberly. This record was produced at his studio in Brooklyn.[9] Patrick produced the single "Sweet Sound of Ignorance" by Soko, French-born and LA-based singer-songwriter and musician, which came out in 2017.[10]

Among the other artists, Patrick has worked with includes critically acclaimed and Grammy-nominated artists such as Solange, Beyoncé, Dev Hynes, and numerous others. Wimberly has been a long time friend and collaborator with Solange since 2011, but it wasn't until her 2016 release A Seat at the Table that Wimberly showed his prowess on producing several tracks on her album, which reached number 1 on Billboard 200.[11][12] Wimberly produced "No Angel" with Caroline Polachek, which was featured on Beyoncé's self-titled album in 2013, which also was a number 1 record on the Billboard charts.[13] In 2016, Patrick worked with Dev Hynes of Blood Orange in which he produced, composed, and performed on several tracks.[1] During the same year, he also worked with Wet to produce their sophomore record Don't You. Chairlift released their third album during this time, in which Patrick had a prominent role in producing this record with Caroline.[14] Kelsey Lu co-produced her live EP Church with Patrick in 2016, as well.[15]

Latin singer, Tecla released a record in 2013 entitled We Are The Lucky Ones, in which Patrick produced this record. Among other noteworthy releases, Patrick produced Das Racist album Relax in which he produced, recorded, and mixed their album and produced Acrylic's album Lives and Treasure, all of which were 2011 releases.[16]


Originally from Nashville, TN Patrick met bandmate Caroline Polachek at the University of Colorado in 2004.[17] After moving to New York City in 2006, Patrick and Caroline, along with former band member Aaron Pfenning, formed Chairlift in early 2007.[18]

In 2008, Patrick went on tour with Chairlift to open for the experimental indie rockers Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti.[18] Shortly thereafter, Chairlift's song "Bruises" was featured in the September 2008 commercial for the iPod Nano; becoming their most widely known and breakout single following the release of their debut album Does You Inspire You.[19][20]

Following Does You Inspire You, Patrick worked on Chairlift's 2012 sophomore album Something (Chairlift album).[21] The album features singles "Amanaemonesia" (2011), "Met Before" (2012), and "I Belong In Your Arms" (2012)[20]

In January 2016, Chairlift released their third and final album, Moth.


Patrick has collaborated on many records and television series, his most recent collaborations include working with MGMT on their fourth LP, Little Dark Age. Public Access T.V. also enlisted Wimberly to produce their upcoming sophomore LP Street Safari.[5][22] His television contributions include composing music for the HBO series High Maintenance on the "Globo" episode.[23]

Some of Patrick's most notable collaborations include working with Beyoncé on her self-titled surprise album Beyoncé on the track "No Angel."[24] Beyoncé debuted at number one on the Billboard 200[25] Patrick procured this opportunity being a part of Solange's band, in which he was also a pivotal part of her 2016 LP A Seat at the Table.[4] Among Patrick's collaborations in the same year includes work with Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) on his album Freetown Sound, where Patrick played drums, percussion, and bass on song "Desirée." He worked on Wet's second album Don't You as well.[26][27] In 2014, Patrick mixed Arcadia, the debut album of Caroline Polachek's side project Ramona Lisa.[28] Within the same period of time, he also mixed Tune-Yards album Nikki Nack and worked with Kelela and Tink on their song "Want It." [29]

Patrick's collaborations reach across a comprehensive spectrum of artists and genres, including working with Fort Lean on their 2012 Change Your Name EP. During this point, he also worked with Latin singer, Tecla, in which he composed, produced, and performed on the record We Are The Lucky Ones.[29] Das Racist also employed Patrick's talents during this period of time as well, having him thoroughly collaborate on their album entitled, Relax.[30]

Television appearances[edit]

Patrick has had multiple television appearances. In 2016, Patrick appeared on Saturday Night Live with Solange performing "Cranes in The Sky" and "Don't Touch My Hair."[31] This wasn't the first time he's appeared live with Solange, as he played alongside her on December 10, 2012, on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon performing "Losing You," her lead single, off her True EP.[32] In 2013, Patrick appeared on Last Call with Carson Daly, with fellow Chairlift band member Caroline Polachek performing "Amanaemonesia", Something.[33] His first appearance on television with Chairlift, was on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson playing their breakout single "Bruises" off their first LP. Other notable television performances, include playing drums with Das Racist on November 28, 2011, playing their hit "Michael Jackson" on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien.




  • "Daylight Savings EP" - self-released - June 2007


  • Evident Utensil (2007)
  • Bruises (2008; UK No. 50, U.S. No. 101)
  • Amanaemonesia (2011)
  • Met Before (2012)
  • I Belong In Your Arms (2012)
  • I Belong In Your Arms (Japanese Version) (2012)
  • Romeo (2016)
  • Ch-Ching (2016)

Mixing Credits[edit]

Production/Writing Credits[edit]


  • TV on the Radio – Caffeinated Consciousness (Das Racist/patrickWhat remix) (2011)
  • The One AM Radio - Sunlight (patrickWhat remix) (2011)
  • Nite Jewel - One Second of Love (patrickWhat remix) (2013)
  • Grace - Pluto (Patrick Wimberly Remix) (2015)
  • Sophia Brous - The Sound (Patrick Wimberly Remix) (2015)[46]

Composer Credits[edit]


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