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Paul Cohen
Born 4 June 1962

1981–1985 South Australian College of Advanced Education.

Degree - Bachelor of design–Industrial Design Top Student of the year

1979–1981 South Australia Certificate of arts and crafts

1984–1985 TAFE South Australia Certificate–CAD/CAM

1970–1979 St Peters College South Australia Matriculation
Occupation industrial designer
Home town Queensland

Paul Cohen (born 4 June 1962) is an industrial designer. Paul has won numerous design awards, including becoming an Overall Winner of an Australian Design Award,[1] Good Design Award USA, and Red Dot Germany.[2]


After graduation, Paul joined a leading product design consultancy in Sydney. His training included working for several years under master Sony designer Masahiro Takahashi. In 2000, he jointly began Cube Sydney, and in 2004 expanded into Cube Design China. Cube[3] is now a global business with an international client base.

In 2003, Paul created several unique designs for EcoSmart Fire,[4][5] one of which has featured by Bang and Olufsen in Paris.[6] Working with Breville in 2004, Paul helped to create a range of electric home appliances, including working on the Breville Ikon kettle and Breville variable temp kettle, both of which are now the largest selling kettles in the world (in excess of 1.5 million).

Many of his designs have been showcased on the covers of and within the pages of magazines, including Belle, Vogue and Wallpaper.

Paul has also worked with Midea[7] and Breo.[8]

In 2008, Paul began a new direction in his new career, expanding business into Shenzhen China. There, he was the guest of the Red Dot in China.[9] Paul is also active in a variety of exhibitions, such as the International Creative Design Expo(Shenzhen).[10] He currently divides his time between Australia and China.


Besides the EcoSmart Fire system and Breville appliances, one of Paul's most famous designs is the Breville IKON home appliance range.[11] The Ikon kettle[12] has sold over 1.5 million kettles per year. Other designs he has created for every day use includes a Vodafone mobile phone, the Energiser 3-in1 flashlight, Johnson & Johnson tooth flosser, Midea air conditioners and many other consumer goods. He has stated that his aim it to develop more mass-produced products which embrace environmental factors.

Professional experience[edit]

Paul is the CEO of Cube Design China Limited. He now works in conjunction with large multinational Chinese companies, with a goal of helping to raise design standards in that country. His client list includes Midea, Joyoung, Shenzhen Breo, Top Electric Appliances, Saab Appliances, Fromone Homewares and many more.

In Sydney, he is the Co-Owner and a Director of Cube Industrial Design, where the clients include Breville, Blueye Eyewear, Johnson and Johnson, Hydro Surfing Products, Greentech products, Vodafone, Bang and Olufsen, Tupperware and Phillips.

Paul was also the Managing Director of Think Product Design until 2007, as well as Senior Designer at Design Recourse International, where his projects included working with clients such as AGL, Eveready, Black and Decker, Netcomm, IBM Australia and Sun Moon Star.

Additional professional activities[edit]

Paul has spoken at worldwide forums, served on judging panels and has lectured in industrial design.

  • 2016 Guest Speaker of Istanbul Design Week
  • 2016 Guest Speaker and Judge of Gold Panda Cultural Creativity and Design Award in Chengdu China
  • 2015 Judge of CF Award
  • 2015 IF Design Award Judge
  • 2014 IF Design Award Judge
  • 2012 Guest Speaker of IF Design Exhibition in Hainan China
  • Honoured Guest speaker IODFCN design fair Conference China 2008
  • Guest Speaker SOFA design forum 2008
  • Guest Speaker ICIF forum 2006
  • 2006 Standards Australia Design Awards Judge
  • 2002 Standards Australia Design Awards Judge
  • 2002 Expert Design witness April - June
  • 2001 Newcastle University Judge
  • 1994 - 2006 University of Technology Sydney Professor – Industrial Design course (teaching Industrial design projects and Illustration to years 1- 4)
  • 1999 University of New South Wales, External Judge and Guest speaker
  • 1999 University of Technology Sydney, Guest speaker
  • 1995 University of New South Wales, lecturer – Industrial Design Masters course, Teaching Industrial Illustration

Awards and honors[edit]


  • Bork K781 Ceramic Kettle-IF Design Award
  • Bork I780 Pump Iron-IF Design Award


  • Bork K780 Glass Kettle-IF Design Award
  • Bork T780 Toaster-IF Design Award
  • Bork X780 Bread Maker-IF Design Award


  • Bork Meat Mincer-IF Design Award
  • Bork AA581 Double Adapter- Red Dot Design Award
  • Breo Scalp Massager -Red Dot Design Award
  • Mono electronic-Good Design Award


  • Kaibo Round Waffle Maker -Red Dot Design Award
  • Breo Neck Massager- Good Design Award
  • Breville Toaster- Red Dot Design Award


  • Breo iSee 4 Massager-IF Design Award


  • Hulton Intelligence Door Lock- Good Design Award


  • Breville Kettle- Red Dot Design Award
  • Breville Tea Maker-Red Dot Design Award


  • The fire company Retro- Australia Home Beautiful Design Award
  • Breo Mini Massage Set- Red Dot Design Award, Good Design Award
  • Breville Smart Grill-Good Design Award
  • Breville Variable Temp Kettle-Reddot, Good Design Award
  • Joint Winner Red Dot Design awards Germany[13] (espresso machine)


  • Watch-dog Door Lock-Good Design Award


  • Breville Combo-Good Design Award
  • Espresso machine-Red Dot Design Award
  • Winner Australian international design awards[14]


  • Breville IKON Juicer-Good Design Award
  • Breville BES400 IKON Espresso-Reddot, Good Design Award, G-Mark, Australia Home Beautiful Design Award
  • Joint Winner Bronze at the IDEA, (International Design Excellence Awards USA) consumer products 2007. (Breville blender[15])
  • Winner Home beautiful awards 2007, & 2006 ( smart fire[16] )


  • Ecosmart Vision- Interior Design Magazine’ s Best of Year “Roscoes” Award(USA), Australia Home Beautiful Design Award
  • Breville BKE 450 Moda Kettle-IDEA, Good Design Award, Voted NO.1 in the Australian Newspaper People Choice Award
  • Winner Home beautiful awards 2007, & 2006 ( smart fire[16] )


  • Breville IKON Blender- Australia Home Beautiful Design Award


  • Breville IKON Kettle- Good Design Award
  • Breville IKON Toaster- Good Design Award
  • Breville IKON Kettle- Good Design Award


  • Hydro Sport- Good Design Award


  • Target Drill-Good Design Award


  • Blue-eye - Good Design Award


  • Compost Bin- Good Design Award


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