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Paul Garmirian, or P.G, is a noted cigar brand named after its founder, Lebanese born cigar connoisseur Paul Garmirian.


Paul Garmirian founded his company in 1990 after doing extensive research on cigars for his book The Gourmet Guide to Cigars, published the same year. Paul Garmirian separates himself from other cigar manufacturers because he does not sell to discount catalogs or wholesalers. He sticks true to his word and limits the number of shops that can carry his product.

Notable smokers[edit]

Paul Garmirian cigars are famous for being a choice cigar for Washington insiders. According to US News & World Report,[1] Presidents Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush all have indulged in PGs. Candidates who ran for US President in the 2008 Presidential Race, Republican Party candidate Rudy Giuliani and Democratic Party candidate Bill Richardson have been known to enjoy Paul Garmirian cigars. Other politicians that enjoy Paul Garmirian cigars include California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Tennessee Senator and Law & Order star Fred Thompson, and former Central Intelligence Agency director George Tenet. David Letterman is also known to smoke PG cigars.[2]

Aged cigars[edit]

Paul Garmirian is an expert on aged cigars, all cigars he receives from Henke Kelner are aged for an additional year before they are sold. A certain number of cigars are put aside hidden up in the rafters of his warehouse where they are aged for 5+ years. These cigars are signed by Paul Garmirian himself and dated the year they were made. These cigars are not included in Paul Garmirian's official price sheet nor is Paul Garmirian willing to disclose what product is on hand. Paul Garmirian himself discusses what he is willing to sell. These products are called by either: Paul Garmirian Signature Series or Paul Garmirian Family Aged. Introduced in 2011, the PG Artisan's Passion is full bodied and affordably priced. Smooth and flavorful.

Made entirely with Dominican grown tobaccos.

Cigar lines[edit]

  • Paul Garmirian Symphony 20 - Limited Edition
  • Paul Garmirian Gourmet Series 15th Anniversary
  • Paul Garmirian Soiree
  • Paul Garmirian Gourmet Series
  • Paul Garmirian Gourmet II
  • Paul Garmirian Maduro
  • Paul Garmirian Reserva Exculsiva
  • Artisans Selection By Paul Garmirian
  • PG Artisan's Passion By Paul Garmirian


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