Paul Gauguin Museum (Tahiti)

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Paul Gauguin Museum
Musée Paul Gauguin
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Paul Gauguin Museum (Tahiti)
EstablishedJune 15, 1965 (1965-06-15)
LocationTahiti, French Polynesia
Coordinates17°43′51″S 149°19′56″W / 17.7307°S 149.3322°W / -17.7307; -149.3322Coordinates: 17°43′51″S 149°19′56″W / 17.7307°S 149.3322°W / -17.7307; -149.3322
TypeArt museum
WebsitePetites histoires du Musée Gauguin de Tahiti(in French)

The Paul Gauguin Museum (French: Musée Paul Gauguin) is a Japanese-styled art museum dedicated to the life and works of Paul Gauguin in Tahiti, French Polynesia. The Museum is closed for renovations - but the sister museum in Hiva Oa is open.

The museum is located at PK 51, 2 Papeari, Tahiti, directly across from the Botanical Gardens. French Polynesian and Marquesan cultural aspects are represented in its exhibits, which include original Paul Gauguin documents, photographs, reproductions, sculptures, engravings and gouaches. Also included and unseen in years are some of his sketches and block prints.[1]

The museum closed in 2013.[1]

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