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Paul Halpern is an American Professor of Physics, and Fellow in the Humanities at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. He received a Ph.D in theoretical physics, a M.A. in physics and a B.A. in physics and mathematics. He was also the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, Fulbright Scholarship, and an Athenaeum Society Literary Award.

He has written many popular science books and articles, books including The Cyclical Serpent, Cosmic Wormholes and The Great Beyond. He has also appeared on the 1994 PBS series Futurequest, as well as the National Public Radio show "Radio Times."[citation needed]

In 2007 he published a book based on The Simpsons called What's Science Ever Done for Us. He later appeared in The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special – In 3-D! On Ice!.[1]

His most recently published book is Einstein's Dice and Schrödinger's Cat.

List of books by Paul Halpern[edit]

  • Time Journeys: A search for Cosmic Destiny and Meaning, 1990
  • Cosmic Wormholes: The Search for Interstellar Shortcuts, 1992
  • The Cyclical Serpent: Prospects for an Ever-Repeating Universe, 1995
  • The Structure of the Universe, 1996
  • The Pursuit of Destiny: A History of Prediction, 2000
  • Countdown to Apocalypse: A Scientific Exploration of the End of the World, 2000
  • The Quest for Alien Planets: Exploring Worlds Outside the Solar System, 2003
  • Faraway Worlds: Planets Beyond Our Solar System, 2004
  • The Great Beyond: Higher Dimensions, Parallel Universes and the Extraordinary Search for a Theory of Everything, 2005
  • What's Science Ever Done for Us?: What The Simpsons Can Teach Us About Physics, Robots, Life, and the Universe, 2007
  • Collider: The Search for the World's Smallest Particles, 2009
  • Edge of the Universe: A Voyage to the Cosmic Horizon and Beyond, 2012
  • Einstein's Dice and Schrödinger's Cat: How Two Great Minds Battled Quantum Randomness to Create a Unified Theory of Physics, 2015, ISBN 0465075711


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