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Paul Richard Thomas (born 1977) is a French photographer known for his fashion and beauty photography. Traveling with his parents (both university teachers), he spent his childhood in Thailand then in Egypt where his father offered him his first camera.


Thomas started his career working as an illustrator for press and advertising, then, along his travels, he did his first photography shooting for French architecture and archaeology editorials. Back to Paris he naturally turned himself to fashion photography, working with models from the major models agencies of the capital. He used his talent, as a drawer, to compose in his storyboards, unusual posings and croppings, characteristic of his conceptual image. As his career in photography blossomed, he became known for a serial of very original covers, shot in his particular graphic style with international top models and French actress as Béatrice Dalle, Laura Smet, Helena Noguerra, Adriana Karembeu, Laura Paketova, Marie Gillain, Olga Kurylenko[1]... Paul Richard Thomas has worked for many fashion and beauty editorials, enhancing, with his specific pearly light, the beauty of such top models as Anja Rubik, Irina Pantaeva, Olga Pantushenkova, Tanja, Ruta Palionyte, Talytha Pugliesi, Angelica Boss, Zdenka Barkalova, Gabriela Gubert, among others... In 2003, Paul Richard Thomas achieved, for the inauguration of the Chanel Group, the portrait of Mr François Lesage, Isabel Marant, Anne Valérie Hash, Jérôme Dreyfus, Eymeric François and Franck Sorbier. Beyond the setting of advertisings, Thomas also worked on other commercial projects including directing TV advertisings and music videos: "Steps in the Dark" [2]"Awake but half Dead","Save your Soul"... Through his worldwide exhibitions and the multi publications about his work including the photography book (Paul Richard Thomas, Genese), he contributes to inspire the new photography stream, his images bringing a pure, allegoric and graphic concept to the fashion world.


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