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Paul Salveson
Occupation(s) audio engineer
Website SalvoMix

Paul Salveson is a five-time Grammy Award winning audio engineer.

Career summary[edit]

Known in the music business as 'Salvo', Paul Salveson began his journey when he was 18 as an assistant engineer at the famed Chicago Recording Company (CRC) - one of the largest complexes in the U.S. Salvo has gone on to engineer, mix, and produce at some of the world's most famous recording studios from Amsterdam to Singapore, working with all-time greats like Little Richard, Donna Summer, and Steve Winwood.


In his career, Salveson has worked with such noted artists as: James Boyd Band; Regie Hamm; Alvin Slaughter; Josh Marocco; Redflecks; Wild Bores; Jordan McCoy; The Wilshires; T. D. Jakes & Choir; Freddy Rodriguez; B. J. Putnam; Cali; Graham Kendrick; Ricardo Sanchez; Israel & New Breed; A440; MercyMe; Sheila Walsh; Faithful Central; Darwin Hobbs; Joe Pace; Andrew Carlton; Russ Lee; dc Talk; Daily Planet; Jason Upton; Avalon; Natalie Grant; ZOEgirl; The Goads; Tammy Trent; Gary Oliver; Rebecca St. James; Clay Crosse; FFH; Raze; Gabriela Anders; Polar Boy; B. J. Thomas; Michael O'Brien; Babbie Mason; Bryan Duncan; Erin O'Donnell; The Choir; Russ Taff; Angelo & Veronica; Michael Sweet; Pam Thum; Glad; First Call; Bishop Wagner; Larnelle Harris; Ray Boltz; Billy & Sarah Gaines; Carmen; Geoff Moore; and Mark Lowry.


With expertise ranging across a variety of genres and categories, Salvo has multiple gold and platinum records among his accomplishments. In addition to his Grammys, he has worked on 9 Dove Award winning albums, several Stellar Award winning projects, and has contributed to ADDY awarded commercials.

Corporate activity[edit]

Salveson is President and Chief Engineer of SalvoMix, Inc., a company that has specialized in sound recording and mixing for 25 years. In addition to promoting and serving as a resource for Salvo's work, SalvoMix also provides valuable information and blogs for seasoned mixers as well as for those who may have a beginning interest in sound recording.

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