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Peak, The Peak or PEAKS may refer to:

Arts and media[edit]

  • Peak (novel), by Roland Smith
  • Peak Records, a record label
  • The Peak (newspaper), a student newspaper of Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
  • The Peak (TV series), a TV series in Singapore
  • CFBV, a radio station branded The Peak based in Smithers, British Columbia
  • CKPK-FM, a radio station branded as 102.7 The Peak based in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • WXPK-FM, a radio station branded as 107.1 The Peak based in White Plains, New York

Mathematics, science and technology[edit]


  • BIAS Peak, a professional audio editing program on the Apple platform
  • GeeksPhone Peak, a mobile phone
  • PEAKS, a software program for tandem mass spectroscopy

Earth science[edit]

  • Hubbert peak theory or peak oil, a theory that production of oil, locally or worldwide, will reach a maximum level after which it will inevitably decline
  • Mountain peak, see summit
    • More specifically, a pyramidal peak, a mountaintop that has been sculpted by erosion to form a point


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