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The Pedreira Paulo Leminski is a 25,000 capacity outdoor concert venue, located in Curitiba, Brazil.[1] It was partly named after Paulo Leminski, a twentieth century Brazilian writer, and because it served as a Municipal Pedreira, an asphalt plant. Located in the neighborhood of Pilarzinho, the site is about 103,500 metres long, its stage is around 480m², and it is surrounded by a wall of rock thirty meters high. It was first opened in 1990.

Located near the quarry is the Wire Opera House, which was opened in 1992 for the first Festival of Theater of Curitiba. Together, the two sites make up the Parque das Quarries.

Ed Sheeran performing at Pedreira Paulo Leminski in Curitiba, Brazil.

Events in Pedreira[edit]

During the city's three hundredth anniversary celebrations, the Pedreira hosted the tenor José Carreras, who was accompanied by the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra.[1]

Concerts (partial list)[edit]

Concerts at Pedreira Paulo Leminski
Date Artist Tour Attendance
5 December 1993 Paul McCartney The New World Tour
12 March 1994 INXS Dirty Honeymoon World Tour
12 November 1994 Ramones 20th Anniversary Tour
28 October 1995 Bon Jovi These Days Tour
11 October 1996 AC/DC Ballbreaker World Tour
31 October 1997 David Bowie, No Doubt, Rita Lee & Erasure Close-Up Pl@net Festival
6 December 1998 Iron Maiden, Helloween & Raimundos Skol Rock Festival 22,000
7 May 2004 Teenage Fanclub & Hell On Wheels Curitiba Pop Festival
8 May 2004 Pixies Curitiba Pop Festival
23 September 2005 Avril Lavigne Bonez Tour
30 November 2005 Pearl Jam 2005 Latin American Tour
31 October 2006 Beastie Boys, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Patti Smith, DJ Shadow & Nação Zumbi TIM Festival
10 November 2006 The Black Eyed Peas Planeta Terra Festival
19 April 2007 Evanescence The Open Door Tour
31 October 2007 The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Björk & Hot Chip TIM Festival
4 March 2008 Iron Maiden Somewhere Back In Time World Tour 25,000
21 April 2015 KISS 40th Anniversary World Tour 14,980
28 April 2015 Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest & Motörhead Monsters Of Rock Festival 12,820
29 September 2015 Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour 16,076
14 December 2015 David Gilmour Rattle That Lock Tour 23,300
17 November 2016 Guns N' Roses Not in This Lifetime... Tour 25,030
30 November 2016 Black Sabbath The End Tour 22,934
31 March 2017 Elton John & James Taylor Wonderful Crazy Night Tour / Before This World Tour 11,379
23 May 2017 Ed Sheeran ÷ Tour 17,400
22 October 2017 John Mayer The Search for Everything World Tour 11,417
5 November 2017 Green Day Revolution Radio Tour 12,205
12 December 2017 Deep Purple, Cheap Trick & Tesla Solid Rock Festival 5,269
2 March 2018 Foo Fighters & Queens Of The Stone Age Concrete and Gold Tour / Villains World Tour
16 May 2018 Ozzy Osbourne No More Tours 2 11,240
16 October 2018 Camila Cabello, Anavitória, Cat Dealers, Vitor Kley & Zeeba Z Festival
7 November 2018 Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds & Foster The People Summer Break Festival
8 November 2018 Judas Priest, Alice In Chains & Black Star Riders Solid Rock Festival
18 September 2019 Scorpions, Whitesnake & Europe Rock Ao Vivo
27 September 2019 Bon Jovi This House Is Not For Sale Tour 22,714
08 November 2019 Hillsong UNITED The People Tour MMXIX


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Coordinates: 25°23′05″S 49°16′39″W / 25.384666°S 49.277598°W / -25.384666; -49.277598