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Peel Region municipal elections, 2018

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Peel Region chair election, 2018

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Peel Region municipal elections, 2018, part of the larger Ontario municipal elections, will take place on Monday, October 22.

The election was to be notable as the first ever direct election of the Peel Regional chair. This election is pending cancellation on July 27, the last day of registration, after a sudden change by Premier Doug Ford.[1]


Open races

Jim Tovey, Mississauga councillor for Ward 1, died suddenly in January 2018. Tovey was in the midst of planning for massive waterfront redevelopment.[2]

In February 2018, Brampton councillor Chris Gibson announced his retirement in Wards 1 & 5. Officially a city councillor, he had been given the City's additional Regional seat for multiple terms.[3] Regional councillor Elaine Moore, from the same wards, announced her retirement in late March.[4]

Gael Miles retirement was made public the evening before the start of registration.[5] Caledon's Doug Beffort retired

Peel Region chair

Original nomination process

Starting the year "85% sure" he would run,[6] Ron Starr officially announced his intention to run for Regional Chair in late March 2018.[7]

Rumours that were circulating of Patrick Brown running for Regional chair were neither confirmed or denied, when asked by Metroland in May 2018. Brown was accused of sexual misconduct in January, which he denies, forcing his resignation as Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario leader. He moved to Mississauga after being removed from the party caucus. He did not run for re-election as a Barrie MPP in the June provincial election.[8]

Mississauga councillor Nando Iannicca enrolled in July.[9]

Bob Delaney, former MPP for Mississauga-Streetsville, registered in July. Charles Sousa and Harinder Takhar, also former MPPs, agreed to not run, in an effort to not split the vote.[10]

Candidates still must file a financial statement before March 29, 2019, under the Municipal Elections Act.[11]

Registered candidates

  • Amir S. Ali, Brampton
  • Patrick Brown, Mississauga
  • Parveen Dalal, Mississauga
  • Bob Delaney, Mississauga
  • Vitya Sagar Gautam, Brampton
  • Marcin Huniewicz, Brampton
  • Nando Iannicca, Mississauga
  • Masood Khan, Brampton
  • Ken Looy, Brampton
  • Gurpreet Pabla, Brampton

Ron Starr of, Mississauga, was a candidate, but withdrew to run for re-election in Ward 6.

Scheduled cancellation

The election was to be notable as the first ever direct election of the Peel Regional chair. This election is pending cancellation on July 27, the last day of registration, after a sudden change by Premier Doug Ford.[1]

While this prompted Brown to pull his Chair nomination, to run for Mayor of Brampton, Delaney continued his campaign, noting that the law had yet to pass.[12]

Incumbent Frank Dale has indicated he may change his mind on retirement, according to The Mississauga News.[13]



In October 2017, incumbent Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey announced her intent to run for a second term.[14]

Real estate lawyer Wesley Jackson was noted in a February 2018 Peel Daily News article as "hoping to become Brampton's next mayor."[15]

In July, John Sprovieri announced his intention to run for Mayor of Brampton.[16]

Registered candidates

Omar Mansoury has withdrawn.


Brampton Board of Trade is hosting debates of city council candidates throughout the day on September 17, 2018, through live stream, concluding with a Mayoral debate. Brown, Gosal, Jackson, Jeffrey, and Sprovieri were invited to the event. Questions were pre-selected from membership. According to the Guardian, the majority of the event saw "Brown and Sprovieri focusing much of their attention on Jeffrey’s record and vice versa."[17]

The first Mayoral debate to allow physical attendance will be held September 20, 2018, at Sheridan College, Davis Campus, through The Pointer, an online news outlet for Brampton.[18]

Brampton Focus hosted a debate on September 25 at the Rose Theatre Brampton, inviting Jeffrey, Brown, Gosal, and Sprovieri. Media reports suggest that the debate was often drowned out by cheering and jeering.[19]

A debate was held by the Brampton Real Estate Board on October 4. All candidates were in attendance.[20]


Patrick Brown
Linda Jeffrey

Jeffrey held a fundraiser at the Albany Club of Toronto, a venue associated with the Conservative Party.[23]

Regional council

Map of Brampton's wards

Ward 1 & 5

Moffat, Rai, Russo, and Vincente attended the Brampton Board of Trade debate.[25]

Of the candidates, only McClelland has held political office, as a Liberal MPP. He surrendered his law license in 2015, after allegations of professional misconduct.[26]

Russo is a citizen member of the City's Committee of Adjustment, serving as its chair.[27]

Ward 2 & 6

Bains, Campbell, Jones, and Palleschi attended the Brampton Board of Trade debate.[28]

  • Gurpreet Kaur Bains
  • Everton Dwight Campbell
  • Shannon Iyer
  • Allan Jones
  • Lateef Khaliq
  • Nisha Luthra
  • Michael Palleschi, incumbent
  • Raghav Patel

Ward 3 & 4

Martin Medeiros won the riding over Shan Gill in 2014, by 100 votes.[29] Incumbent Martin Medeiros lived in Mississauga in 2014, but began a move to Brampton, allowing him to run in the election. Resident Peter Bailey filed a legal proceeding to try and remove Medeiros from office, but was unsuccessful. The action was in advance of a vote on the then-Hurontario Main Light Rail Transit project, which Medeiros wanted and Bailey did not.[30]

Former incumbent John Sanderson is a nominee for 2018; he ran for Mayor of Brampton in 2014, finishing second. [29] Sanderson has noted that the 2018 campaign is the "dirtiest" he's experienced, blaming Medeiros for the tone.[31]

Grewal, Kus, Medeiros, and Sanderson attended the Brampton Board of Trade debate.[32]

  • Prabhjot Grewal
  • Joseph Kus
  • Martin Medeiros, incumbent
  • Chirag Patel
  • John Sanderson, former incumbent (2006-2014)

Ward 7 & 8

Pat Fortini is the incumbent for the wards.

Cody Vatcher has been critical of Mayor Jeffrey, suggesting that she "simply never learned to graciously accept defeat," when her votes were defeated.[33]

Bruce Marshall has the endorsement of retiring incumbent Gael Miles.[34]

All of the candidates attended the Brampton Board of Trade debate.[35]

  • Pat Fortini, who was incumbent for the same wards at the city level (2014-2018)
  • Bruce Marshall
  • Ajay Tandon
  • Cody Vatcher

Ward 9 & 10

All three candidates attended the Brampton Board of Trade debate.[36]

  • Gurpreet Singh Dhillon, who was incumbent for the same wards at the city level (2014-2018)
  • Vicky Dhillon, former city councillor for this ward (2006-2014)
  • Michelle Shaw

Amratlal Mistry has withdrawn.

City council

Ward 1 & 5

  • Sanjeev Bansal
  • Princess Boucher
  • Abdul Qayyum Chaudhry
  • Imtiaz Haider
  • Harmanpreet Mankoo
  • Karanjit Singh Pandher
  • Don Patel
  • Joe Pimentel
  • Daryl Romeo
  • Rowena Santos
  • Josephine Tatangelo

Boucher, Pimentel, Santos, and Tatangelo attended the Brampton Board of Trade debate.

Pimentel spent 30 years as a City of Brampton employee.[26]

Ward 2 & 6

  • Jermaine Chambers
  • Ojie F. Eghobor
  • Paul Mann
  • Jim McDowell
  • Lisa Pearce
  • M. Joseph Shaji
  • Joe Sidhu
  • Anwar Warsi
  • Doug Whillans, incumbent

Gurpreet Kaur Bains has withdrawn.

Chambers, Mann, and Pearce attended the Brampton Board of Trade debate. Whillans, chair of a hospital fundraiser golf tournament, was unable to attend. The tournament was scheduled in March.[37]

Ward 3 & 4

  • Jeff Bowman, incumbent
  • Parin Choksi
  • Harpreet Singh Hansra
  • Omar Mansoury
  • Ryan Rennie
  • Nishi Sidhu
  • Tanveer Singh

Hansra and Rennie attended the Brampton Board of Trade debate. Incumbent Bowman was unable to attend, due to the debate beig scheduled against a hospital fundraising golf tournament, of which he is vice-chair, and had been scheduled since March.[37] Candidate Nishi Sidhu also cited a "previous engagement", and Omar Mansoury accepted the invitation but did not attend.[38]

Bowman has taken time off work at City Hall to campaign, noting that other incumbents continued to collect a wage during their campaigning.[39]

Ward 7 & 8

  • Karla Bailey
  • Harveen Dhaliwal
  • Sam Kunjicka
  • Drew Riedstra
  • Cheryl Rodricks
  • Gurvinder Singh
  • Martin Singh
  • Mokshi Virk
  • Charmaine Williams

Martin Singh and Charmaine Williams were in attendance at the Brampton Board of Trade debate.

Ward 9 & 10

  • Mangaljit Dabb
  • Michael Farquharson
  • Dharmaveer Gohil
  • Mahendra Gupta
  • Rohit Sidhu
  • Harkirat Singh
  • Naresh Tharani

Dabb, Farquharson, Singh, and Tharani attended the Brampton Board of Trade debate whilst various other prominent debates have included Singh, Dabb, Gupta and Sidhu among the candidates.


Map of Caledon's wards


In January 2018, Allan Thompson confirmed that he'd be seeking re-election.[40]

Mayor, registered candidates

  • Kelly Darnley
  • Barb Shaughnessy
  • Allan Thompson, incumbent


On September 24, the candidates discussed Bolton development at the Inglewood Community Centre.[41]

A Mayoral debate, which would have also been a debate for Ward 5 councillors, was scheduled and cancelled.[42] A resident organized a new debate, for October 9.[43] The event had extensive debate on a new paramedic deployment model.[44]


Rob Mezzapelli[45] and Doug Beffort[46] are both retiring from area council. Gord McClure has yet to announce intent.[40]

Ward 1 Area Councillor

  • Dwayne Jackson
  • Lynn Kiernan
  • Robert Rees
  • Mauro Testani

William Motley-Bailey was registered, but withdrew.

Ward 1 Regional Councillor

  • William Motley-Bailey
  • Ian Sinclair
  • Tom Sweeney
  • Jim Wallace

Ward 2 Area Councillor

  • Brian Dunn
  • Christina Early
  • Christopher Gilmer
  • John N. Rutter
  • Sandeep Singh

Ward 2 Regional Councillor

Downey's campaign literature included free children's passes for the Brampton Fall Fair, passes available for free at schools and stores. Corrigan has objected to the practice, as a possible breach of municipal campaign laws.[47]

  • Kevin Corrigan
  • Johanna Downey, incumbent

Ward 3 & 4 Area Councillor

  • Cheryl Connors
  • Nick deBoer, incumbent

Ward 3 & 4 Regional Councillor

  • Derek Clark
  • Jennifer Innis, incumbent

Ward 5 Area Councillor

Candidates for Ward 5 Regional and Area Councillor, as well as Mayoral candidates, will appear in a debate organized by a resident, after a scheduled debate was cancelled.[43]

  • Steve Conforti
  • Joe Luschak
  • Tony Rosa

Ward 5 Regional Councillor

  • Annette Groves, incumbent
  • Angela Panacci


During the campaign, former Mississauga News editor John Stewart noted that the election was marked by a dearth of information or debates, in contrast to previous elections.[48]


Bonnie Crombie (incumbent)

Registered candidates

  • Scott E. W. Chapman
  • Bonnie Crombie (incumbent)
  • Kevin J. Johnston
  • Mohsin Khan
  • Andrew Lee
  • Yasmin Pouragheli
  • Syed Qumber Rizvi
  • Tiger Meng Wu


University of Toronto Mississauga Students’ Union hosted a debate on October 4, that was attended by Chapman, Crombie, Lee, Pouragheli, and Rizvi. They confirmed that Johnston was not invited.[49]


Map of Mississauga's wards

Ward 1

Dave Cook is the appointed incumbent for Ward 1. As per promise on receiving the position,[50] he did not stand for election in the 2018 contest. Cook replaced elected councillor Jim Tovey, who died in January 2018.[51]

Former Conservative Party of Canada federal MP Brad Butt, currently the Mississauga Board of Trade Director of Government Relations, is a notable candidate.[52] Butt intended to run in Ward 6, where he lives, but changed his intentions when Ron Starr re-entered that race, after the cancellation of the Regional Chair election.[53]

Kristian Velkoski withdrew to run for a public school board trustee.

An all-candidates debate was held September 19, by ratepayers' groups; Marco Pedri did not attend. Topics discussed including speeding reduction, the Lakeview zoning by-law, and cannabis stores.[54] The ward was later profiled by Mississauga News.[55] Three residents' associations held another debate, featuring Burke, Butt, Dasko, Hart, Roque and Setaram. The remaining candidates, Mancini and Pedri, did not attend.[56]

  • Terry Burke
  • Brad Butt
  • Stephen Dasko
  • Natalie Hart
  • Larry Mancini
  • Marco Pedri
  • Miles Roque
  • Sharmila Setaram

Ward 2

The incumbent is Karen Ras. She was unopposed until the final week of nominations.[57]

  • Naser Ansari
  • Mohammad Azam
  • Erin Dearie
  • Karen Ras, incumbent

Ward 3

The ward incumbent is Chris Fonseca.

  • Chris Fonseca, incumbent
  • Arshad Hashmi
  • Khawar Hussain
  • Robert Kielek

Ward 4

The ward incument is John Kovac.

  • Yoliana Azer
  • Josephine Bau
  • Safeeya Faruqui
  • Nawres Fouad
  • Grant G. Gorchynski
  • John Kovac, incumbent
  • Hugo Reinoso
  • Hardat Sookraj
  • Duc Thanh Tran

Ward 5

The ward incumbent is Carolyn Parrish.

Nikki Clarke was registered as a candidate, but disqualified. Clarke had waited until the last day of the nomination period to file her papers, and was soliciting signatures from City staff. This prompted incumbent Carolyn Parrish to ask for a review of the paperwork by the Clerk's department. A total of 8 discrepancies were found in signatures, and the nominee was not allowed to replace those signatures. Clarke came a close second in the 2018 provincial election, running for the NDP in Mississauga—Malton.[58]

Some of the candidates talked to the Mississauga News about issues important to them.[59] Malton Community Building Project hosted a candidate event on October 9.[60]

  • David Broadway
  • Alex Itty
  • Ahmad Khan
  • Carolyn Parrish, incumbent
  • Ram Pawar
  • Marina Qureshi

Ward 6

Incumbent councillor Ron Starr was the first person to announce candidacy for the Region of Peel Chair, telling city council in March of his intention to register. By the end of July, Starr suggested the race was not being taken seriously by others, deciding to drop out of contention and re-register for his incumbent ward, suggesting that he could do more in his existing position.[61]

Tahir Ali, Syed Mohammad Jaffery, Fazli Manan, and Avtar Minhas have withdrawn.

  • Moezzam Alvi
  • Al De Ascentiis
  • Elie Diab
  • Gary Gu
  • Muhammad Haroon
  • Joe Horneck
  • Anil Sinha
  • Ash Srivastava
  • Ron Starr, incumbent
  • Robb Torry
  • Sambasiva Vatti

Ward 7

Incumbent councillor Nando Iannicca retired from this riding, and re-emerged later in the nomination period as a candidate for Chair of the Region of Peel.

Dipika Damerla, former MPP for Mississauga East-Cooksville and Minister of Seniors Affairs, announced her candidacy for the ward in mid-July.[62]

  • Dawid Burzynski
  • Marco Camaioni
  • Lee Ann Cole
  • Dipika Damerla
  • Andrew Gassmann
  • Winston Harding
  • Samir Jisri
  • Louroz Mercader
  • Leslie N Moss
  • Peter Michael van Sluytman
  • Maqbool Walji
  • Leslie Zurek-Silvestri

Ward 8

The incumbent is Matt Mahoney. He was unopposed until the final week of nominations.[57]

  • Abdul Azeem Baig
  • Amadeus Blazys
  • Adam Etwell
  • Matt Mahoney, incumbent
  • Grzegorz Nowacki
  • Tariq Ali Shah

Ward 9

The incumbent is Pat Saito. She was unopposed until the final week of nominations.[57]

Kevin J. Johnston was briefly nominated in the riding.[63][64]

  • Curtis DeBonte
  • Syed Mohammad Jaffery
  • Rafael Kalamat
  • Paul Lopez
  • Pat Saito, incumbent

Ward 10

Candidate Mazin Al-Ezzi got into an extended spat with a Ward 10 resident over lawn sign, using "derogatory language" and insulting "the residents repeatedly."[65] Incumbent Sue McFadden described the incident as "scary", while Al-Ezzi says that the resident tried to goad him on every time he intended to leave.[66]

  • Mazin Al-Ezzi
  • Sue McFadden, incumbent
  • Savita Sangwan

Ward 11

The candidates have talked to Mississauga News about issues important to them.[67]

  • George Carlson, incumbent
  • Imran Hasan
  • Pardeep Kumar Khunger

Peel District School Board

Brampton Wards 1, 5

  • Claudette Alcock
  • Rajwinder Ghuman
  • David Green, incumbent
  • Yusuf Khan
  • Rita Persaud
  • Stan Taylor

Brampton Wards 2, 6

  • Arun Thomas Alex
  • Alex Battick
  • William Davies
  • Harjot Singh Gill
  • Andrew Mendoza
  • Mansoor Mirza
  • Faraz Saleem
  • Raman Vasudev
  • Odoi Yemoh
The incumbent is Suzanne Nurse.

Brampton Wards 3, 4

  • Shahbaz Altaf
  • Prabhjot Kainth
  • Harbandna Kaur
  • Kathy McDonald, incumbent
  • Seema Shah
  • Faisal Tahir
  • Radha Tailor

Hiteshkumar Prajapati, Raman Rakkar, and Vipul Shah withdrew their nominations.

Brampton Wards 7, 8

  • Zain Ali
  • Carrie Andrews, incumbent
  • Andrea Francis-Bucknor
  • Michael J. Gyovai
  • Lynne Lazare
  • Garner F. Liverpool
  • Jashan Singh

Brampton Wards 9, 10

  • Chetan Brahmbhatt
  • Albert Evans
  • Janice Gordon
  • Theresa Guidolin
  • Satpaul Singh Johal
  • Mazhar Khan
  • Ashman Khroad
  • Sia Lakhanpal
  • Khushpal Pawar
  • Dipal Shah
  • Balbir Sohi
  • Shilpa Vij-Sharma
Harkirat Singh, incumbent, is running for council.


Basmat and Cameron debated the issues at an October 9 event.[68]

  • Dmytro Basmat
  • Stan Cameron, incumbent
  • Amandeep Singh

Mississauga Ward 1, 7

  • Husain Aboghodieh
  • Paul Liu
  • John Marchant
  • Dalia Morad
  • Maxamed Ibraahim Osso
  • Catherine Soplet
  • Suresh Subramaniam
  • Kristian Velkoski
  • John F. Walmark

Incumbent Janet McDougald has announced her retirement.

Mississauga Ward 2, 8

  • Charles Chen
  • Minh Goi
  • Meredith Johnson
  • Brad MacDonald, incumbent
  • Jasjit Singh

Mississauga Ward 3, 4

  • Vijay Brahmbhatt
  • Ahmed Jalal
  • Sue Lawton, incumbent
  • Asha Luthra
  • Naila Mahmood
  • Norma Fay Nicholson
  • Lovely Shankar

Mississauga Ward 5

  • Susan Benjamin
  • Avtar Ghotra
  • Ryan Gurcharn
  • Bassam Johar
  • Arwinder Kalsi
  • Jal Panthaky
  • Rajakumaran Ponraj
  • Sarah Walji

Rick Williams was the incumbent.

Mississauga Ward 6, 11

  • Raj Chopra
  • Imrana Choudry
  • Robert Crocker, incumbent
  • Tina Daid
  • Jith Dravin
  • Glynis D'Souza
  • Dharmarajah Gnanakumar
  • Harjinder Jheetey
  • David Li
  • Mian Omer Rasheed
  • George Varghese

Hasan Imam has withdrawn.

Mississauga Ward 9, 10

  • John Bebawy
  • Nokha Dakroub, incumbent
  • Victoria Ghandour
  • LeeAnn Lloyd
  • Tahir Malik
  • Christopher Stuart Taylor

Lili Schermel has withdrawn.

Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board

Brampton Wards 1, 3, 4

  • Anna da Silva, incumbent
  • Hope Irabor Dion
  • Patrick J. Doran
  • Cheryl Roy

Brampton Wards 2, 5, 6

  • Darryl Brian D'Souza, incumbent
  • Damien Joseph
  • Theresa Laverty
  • Neville Mant
  • Vincenzo Siciliano

Brampton Wards 7, 8, 9, 10

Incumbent Shawn Xaviour was declared by acclamation.[69]


A trustee candidate debate was held on October 9, however only Roman showed up for the event.[68]

  • Frank Di Cosola, incumbent
  • Sheralyn Roman

Mississauga Ward 1, 3

Incumbent Mario Pascucci was declared by acclamation.

Mississauga Ward 2, 8

  • Sharon M. Hobin, incumbent
  • Matthew Kornas

Mississauga Ward 4

  • John Coletti
  • Carmela Kapeleris
  • Biju Pappachan
  • Stefano Pascucci
  • Miroslaw Ruta
  • Mathew Thomas
Anna Abbruscato is the incumbent.

Mississauga Ward 5

  • Margaret Pakula
  • Caroline Roach
  • Thomas Thomas, incumbent

Mississauga Ward 6, 11

  • Luz del Rosario, incumbent
  • Bismarck Gonsalves
  • Sabeena Philip

Glynis D'Souza withdrew.

Mississauga Ward 7

Incumbent Bruno Iannicca was declared by acclamation.

Mississauga Ward 9, 10

  • Tom Cook
  • Brea Corbet
  • Tomasz Glod
  • Mathew Jacob
  • Vlad Kagramanov
  • John G. Kennedy
  • Nestor Pereira
The incumbent is Esther O'Toole.

Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir, Brampton

  • Genevieve Grenier
  • Blaise Liaki

Trustee French Public, Peel Region

  • Yvon Rochefort

Trustee French Separate, Mississauga

  • Donald Blais

Trustee French Separate, Dufferin-Peel-Wellington


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Mississauga|url= March 2018|work=Mississauga News|date=8 March 2018|location=Mississauga ON}}</ref> Johnston withdrew his mayoral candidacy on July 25th and registered to run for Ward 9 city councillor instead.[1] Then on July 26, withdrew his councillor candidacy and re-registered as a mayoral candidate.[2]