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Founded2009; 10 years ago (2009)
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Peel is a startup company based in Campbell, California, USA, that sells a smart TV remote app called Peel Smart Remote for smartphones and tablets.[1] This universal smart remote app primarily turns your smartphone into an all-in-one remote, i.e., allowing you to control appliances like Television, Air-Conditioner, Setup boxes and even gadgets like Roku, and few smart devices as well.[2]

Peel has partnered with thousands of cable and direct-to-home networks to give its users access to the schedules of TV. The users can set up their regional cable service provider and view the schedule of all the channels available to them. This lets users be aware of the TV shows and check out What’s Now on TV.[3]

The company’s patent-pending Peel-In technology allows users to tune in directly to a TV show or movie, record the show on their DVR, set up a calendar reminder or share with contacts by clicking a promotional banner.[4][5]


Peel Smart Remote was launched in 2009 and built a user base of 25 million during its first few years of operation and then more than tripled to over 70 million in the subsequent year due to agreements with major devices manufacturers Samsung[6] and HTC[7] to include Peel as a preloaded app. In 2015 Peel has claimed that their app generated over 100 billion remote commands with over 120 million registered users.[6]

Peel Smart Remote[edit]

Peel claims to allow users to turn smartphones or tablets into a smart remote control for televisions, set top boxes, digital video recorders (DVRs) and other devices. It also allows users to browse on the app for content to watch and learns viewing habits to enable the platform to deliver personalized recommendations. Users can interact with friends and other TV viewers via the app.[7] The platform provides TV networks with a way to promote their programming to consumers, who can use the app to tune into shows, record programming or get viewing reminders.[4]

Peel has raised more than 100 million dollars over the years from some prominent investors.[10]

According to the company, Peel Smart Remote App is compatible with 98 percent of all consumer electronics, including 3,500 TV brands and 600 set top box types.[5]

Peel can be downloaded as an iOS or Android app. It is integrated with Samsung and HTC devices for delivery to device purchasers as a preloaded app.[8] On Samsung devices it is called “WatchOn” or “Smart Remote.” On HTC it is called “SenseTV” or “TV.” As of August 2015 “WatchOn” and “Smart Remote” have been renamed to Peel Smart Remote. Peel completes an average of 30 billion remote control actions per month.[9] The app works in over 200 countries and delivers program guides in 110 countries.[10]

Peel, as a utility app, has been appreciated over the years because the app does a great job at providing a Universal Smart Remote and relieves the stress of finding physical remotes all over the house.[2]

How does Peel Universal Remote work?[edit]

Peel Universal Smart Remote uses built-in IR hardware on Android smartphone and replaces the regular remote which would otherwise be used. After setting up the app, the phone just needs to be pointed at the device and thus control it by tapping the on-screen remote.[11]

For phones without the IR hardware, Peel uses WiFi to discover and control devices. One can connect to devices in the same WiFi network and control devices such as TVs, music systems and streaming players, ACs and Cameras right from their phone.[12]


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