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Pegida United Kingdom
Pegida UK official logo.png
Formation 2015 (attempted)
4 January 2016 (official)
Founder Tommy Robinson
Founded at Toddington, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
Purpose Anti-Islam
Stop Islamisation
British nationalism
Paul Weston
Anne Marie Waters
Tommy Robinson
Affiliations Fortress Europe[1]
Tommy Robinson at a Pegida rally in Utrecht on 11 October 2015

Pegida UK is an anti-Islam organisation in the United Kingdom that was established by Tommy Robinson. It is named after the German group Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (Pegida).[2]

Following one attempted 'Pegida UK' march in London in the summer of 2015 by ex-EDL members, a second launch of the group was conducted on 4 January 2016 in a pub in Toddington, Bedfordshire by Tommy Robinson. On the day of the launch, he stepped down to the role of "adviser". Paul Weston (the chairman of a specific political group, Liberty GB) was named leader and Anne Marie Waters (chairman of Sharia Watch) was named as a third member of Pegida UK's management team.[3][4][5]

Robinson said that he hoped Pegida UK would be different from the EDL,[6] that it would attract a more "middle-class" demographic, and would discourage the "loutish behaviour and alcohol-fueled violence" of the EDL.[7] Robinson seeks a halt to Muslim immigration, the closure of sharia courts, a ban on the wearing of the burqa, and a moratorium on mosque construction.[7]

Pegida UK's launch event was a march in Birmingham, on 6 February 2016. It drew a crowd of approximately 200, fewer than the Pegida UK attempt of 2015, with a smaller counter-demonstration also taking place.[8][9]


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