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EP by Anthrax
Released August 1989
Recorded 1988–1989
Genre Thrash metal
Length 24:38
Label Megaforce/Island
Producer Anthrax, Mark Dodson
Anthrax EP chronology
I'm the Man
Inside Out

Penikufesin is the third EP by the American thrash metal band Anthrax. Culled from the State of Euphoria sessions, it was released in August 1989 on Megaforce Records/Island Records.


The EP includes the songs "Now It's Dark" (from State of Euphoria), a French version of the Trust cover "Antisocial" (the English version also appeared on State of Euphoria), the classic tune "Friggin' In The Riggin'" (made famous by the Sex Pistols), "Parasite" (a Kiss cover), "Le Sects" (another Trust cover), and "Pipeline" (a surf rock instrumental originally by The Chantays).[1] The last three songs later appeared on Attack of the Killer B's ("Le Sects" was renamed "Sects"). "Friggin' in the Riggin'" was previously released as a b-side of the 1988 single "Make Me Laugh", while the French version of "Antisocial" had appeared on the Australian edition of State of Euphoria; this track was later released on the compilation album Anthrology: No Hit Wonders (1985–1991).

Penikufesin also means "nise [nice] fukin [fucking]" EP" spelled backwards. It refers to a song entitled "Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.)" ("ni[c]e fu[c]kin' life") which appeared on Anthrax's 1987 album Among the Living,[2] another song called "N.F.B. (Dallabnikufesin)" ("ni[c]e fu[c]kin' ballad") which later appeared on their 1991 compilation album Attack of the Killer B's also refers to that song.


The album was released in August 1989 by Megaforce Records / Island Records in Europe, Japan and Australia.[3]

As of April 2007, Penikufesin has never been officially released in the United States or Canada. The tracks from the EP, however, do appear on the State of Euphoria reissue that appears in the Aftershock 4-CD set of albums.

Track listing[4][edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Now It's Dark" Anthrax 5:34
2. "Antisocial" (French Version) Norbert Krief, Bernie Bonvoisin 4:26
3. "Friggin' in the Riggin'" Traditional, Arranged by Steve Jones/Additional lyrics by Anthrax 5:18
4. "Parasite" Ace Frehley 3:14
5. "Sects" Krief, Bonvoisin 3:06
6. "Pipeline" Bob Spickard, Brian Carman 3:00
Total length: 24:38