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The Pentangular Trophy was a Pakistani first class cricket competition.


It was first contested in 1973–74 and later in the decade the competition's name was changed the BCCP Invitation Tournament. In 1980–81 it became the PACO Cup and remained so for a further five seasons. For the rest of the decade the tournament did not take place and it was not until the 1990s that is returned, albeit sporadically. The Trophy returned again in 2005–06 and was held every season until 2011–12, after which it again went into abeyance.


The Pentangular Trophy is generally contested between five teams who play each other on a round-robin basis. Sometimes there is a final between the top two teams; sometimes the winner is the side that tops the table with the most points.


Season Team
1973–74 Pakistan International Airlines
1974–75 National Bank of Pakistan
1975–76 Pakistan International Airlines
1977–78 Habib Bank
1978–79 Habib Bank + Pakistan International Airlines
1979–80 Pakistan International Airlines
1980–81 Pakistan International Airlines
1981–82 Habib Bank
1982–83 Habib Bank
1983–84 United Bank Limited
1984–85 Pakistan Automobiles Corporation
1990–91 United Bank Limited
1994–95 National Bank of Pakistan
1995–96 United Bank Limited
2005–06 National Bank of Pakistan
2006–07 Habib Bank
2007–08 Sindh
2008–09 North-West Frontier Province
2009–10 Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited
2010–11 Sindh
2011–12 Punjab

Regional tournament[edit]

In 2007–08 a regional Pentangular Trophy was introduced. It featured the following five teams:

The tournament was contested among these five teams in 2007-08, 2008-09, 2010-11 and 2011-12.

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