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Nils Per Imerslund (9 May 1912 – 7 December 1943), born in Kristiania, Norway, was one of the most prominent figures of the Nazi scene in pre-World War II Norway. He first gained prominence at home and abroad with the publication in 1936 of his début book, Das Land Noruega, a fictionalised autobiography of his youth in Mexico. His blonde, blue-eyed stature and extravagant way of life gave him the position of "the Aryan Idol". A loathing of his homosexuality and self-perceived feminine traits, led him to frequently risk his life.[1] He lived most of his early years in Mexico and Germany, fought with the Sturmabteilung in Berlin in the 1930s, fought with the fascist Falange in the Spanish Civil War, and finally joined the Waffen SS to fight in Ukraine and Finland, where he was severely injured. He died at Aker University Hospital on 7 December 1943.[2] Imerslund also participated in radio broadcasts in the Nazi-controlled Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.[3]

Selected works[edit]

  • Imerslund, Per (1936). Das Land Noruega: Erlebnisse in Mexico (in German). Leipzig: Insel-Verlag. OCLC 10332738.


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