Perfect (Princess Superstar song)

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Single by Princess Superstar
from the album My Machine
Released Germany July 19, 2005
United Kingdom August 29, 2005
Japan August 30, 2005
United States September 2005
Australia October 10, 2006
Genre House
Label K7
Songwriter(s) Coen Berrier, Iason Chronis, Concetta Kirschner, Milo Berger
Princess Superstar singles chronology
"'Coochie Coo (EP)'"
"'My Machine'"
Coochie Coo (EP)
Perfect (EP)
My Machine

"Perfect" is a single by Princess Superstar. It is the only single from her album My Machine with a music video.

Music video[edit]

The music video features Princess Superstar in a variety of locations, which includes what looks like a rollerdisco and a 1980s spoof.

The "Perfect (Exceeder)" remix music video features three scantily clad female gymnasts participating in a gymnastics competition. Other male gymnasts showing off complicated moves make brief appearances. Princess Superstar herself, however, is not seen. Despite the immense popularity of the song, the video received poor reviews - cited[citation needed] as being "unoriginal".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Perfect (Album Version / Dirty)"
  2. "Perfect (Michi Lange's Sidekick Remix)"
  3. "Perfect (Mr No & Alexander Technique Mix)"
  4. "Perfect (Michi Lange's Sidekick Dub)"
  5. "Perfect (A Capella)"
  6. "Perfect (E-Thunder Chicas Locas Tribal Mix)"


On 22 January 2007, a mashup made of "Perfect" and Mason's "Exceeder", called Perfect (Exceeder) was released. "Exceeder", an instrumental song, was mixed with the remixed vocals from "Perfect".

Song usage[edit]

Miss Kittin used "Perfect (A Capella)" on her mix album A Bugged Out Mix.[1]