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Bali United
Bali United logo.png
Full name Bali United Football Club
Nickname(s) Serdadu Tridatu
(Tridatu Warriors)
Founded 1989; 28 years ago (1989), as Putra Samarinda
15 February 2015; 2 years ago (15 February 2015), as Bali United
Ground Kapten I Wayan Dipta Stadium
Ground Capacity 25,000
Owner PT Bali Bintang Sejahtera
CEO Yabes Tanuri
Head Coach Hans-Peter Schaller
League Liga 1
2016 Indonesia Soccer Championship A, 12th
Website Club home page
Current season

Bali United Football Club is a professional football club based in Gianyar Regency, Bali, Indonesia that competes in Liga 1, an official competition that replaced Indonesia Super League.[1] Nicknamed Serdadu Tridatu (Tridatu Warriors),[2] the club was founded as Putra Samarinda in 1989, changed its name to Bali United in 2015 and moved to its current stadium, Kapten I Wayan Dipta Stadium, in the same year.


Foundation and Early Years (1989-2003)[edit]

The club was formed in 1989 as Putra Samarinda Football Club. Putra Samarinda competed in Galatama and later in Liga Indonesia since that competition formed in 1994/1995.[3]

Merge with Persisam (2003-2014)[edit]

Putra Samarinda experiencing financial difficulties since Galatama and Perserikatan merge into one competition. In 2003, Putra Samarinda and Persisam, Perserikatan club that funded by APBD Samarinda merged to form Persisam Putra Samarinda[4] and used Putra Samarinda license to compete in Liga Indonesia. In 2008/2009, Persisam Putra Samarinda win the Premier Division and promoted to Indonesia Super League[3]

Bali United era (2014–)[edit]

To improve their marketability and higher chance of success, Persisam Putra Samarinda declared a name change to Bali United F.C. The team was relocated from Samarinda, East Kalimantan to Gianyar, Bali. Harbiansyah Hanafiah, the main commissioner of Bali United explained that he did the name change and moved the homebase to Bali because there were no representative from Bali in the highest football tier in Indonesia.[5] Another reason was due to local fans in Samarinda prefer to support Pusamania Borneo F.C. more than Persisam.[3]


Bali United plays their home matches at Kapten I Wayan Dipta Stadium after moving their homebase from Samarinda to Bali.[6]

For the primary training ground, Bali United uses Trisakti Field in Legian.[7]

Colours and Badge[edit]

The club colors are officially red, white, and black, based on the sacred color Tridatu.[8]

Supporter and Mascot[edit]

Their supporter is called Semeton Dewata, that comes from the word Semeton meaning brother and Dewata meaning Bali's nickname, Island of Gods. Also there is Lady Dewata for female supporters. Semeton Dewata usually fill the east stand of Kapten I Wayan Dipta Stadium. There are two more big supporter groups, North Side Boys 12 that fill the north stand and Brigaz that fill the south stand.[9][10]

The mascot of Bali United is Jalbo (Jalak Boys) that takes shape of Jalak Bali.[11]


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Shirt Sponsors

Other Sponsors

Kit suppliers[edit]

Period Kit manufacturer
2009-2012 Lotto[15]
2012-2013 Bold[16]
2014 Joma[17]


Current Squad[edit]

As of 10 March 2017[18]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
4 Indonesia DF Mahdi Fahri Albaar
6 Indonesia DF Junius R. Bate
7 Indonesia FW Miftahul Hamdi
8 Indonesia MF Muhammad Taufiq
10 Indonesia FW Irfan Bachdim
11 Indonesia FW Yabes Roni
14 Indonesia MF Fadil Sausu (captain)
15 Indonesia FW Yandi Munawar
17 Indonesia FW I Nyoman Sukarja
18 Indonesia FW I Made Wirahadi (vice-captain)
21 Indonesia GK I Made Wardana
22 Indonesia DF Dias Angga
24 Indonesia DF Ricky Fajrin
26 Indonesia DF Ngurah Nanak
27 Indonesia DF Agus Nova
28 Indonesia DF Abdul Rahman Sulaiman
No. Position Player
32 South Korea DF Ahn Byung-keon
33 Indonesia DF I Made Andhika
37 Indonesia FW Samsul Pellu
44 Indonesia MF I Gede Sukadana (3rd captain)
45 Indonesia FW Azka Fauzi
48 Argentina MF Marcos Flores
58 Indonesia GK I Putu Pager Wirajaya
59 Indonesia DF Hasyim Kipuw
77 Indonesia GK Alfonsius Kelvan
78 Indonesia FW Jackson Tiwu
88 Indonesia DF Adi Parwa
92 Indonesia MF Syakir Sulaiman
95 Indonesia FW Martinus Novianto
97 Indonesia GK Dicky Indrayana
99 Netherlands FW Sylvano Comvalius

Youth Sector[edit]

Club officials[edit]

Coaching Staff[edit]

Role Name
Manager Indonesia Yabes Tanuri
Head Coach Austria Hans-Peter Schaller
Assistant Coach Indonesia Eko Purjianto
Assistant Coach Indonesia I Made Pasek Wijaya
Goalkeeper Coach Indonesia Jarot Supriadi
Physical Trainers Indonesia Nursaelan Santoso
Physiotherapist Indonesia Armin Suhaidin
Team Doctor Indonesia Luh Virsa Paradissa


Managerial history[edit]

As Bali United

Dates Name Notes
2014–2017 Indonesia Indra Sjafri[24] Signed by Indonesia U-19[25]
2017– Austria Hans-Peter Schaller[23]

Asian clubs ranking[edit]

As of March 26th 2017.[26]
Rank Club Points
208 Thailand Police United 1,258
209 China Shenzhen 1,256
210 Indonesia Bali United 1,256
211 Jordan Shabab Al-Ordon 1,256
212 India Goa 1,254

Past seasons[edit]

As Persisam Putra Samarinda

Season(s) Div. Team Pos. Piala Indonesia
1994–95 Premier Division 34 11th in East Div.
1995–96 Premier Division 31 Second round
1996–97 Premier Division 33 5th in East Div.
1997–98 Premier Division 31 Did not finish
1998–99 Premier Division 28 4th in East Div.
1999–00 Premier Division 28 11th in East Div.
2001 Premier Division 28 14th in East Div.
2002[27] First Division 27 Second Round
2003[28] First Division 26 6th in Group D
2004[29] Second Division 41 3rd in Group G
2005[30] Second Division 36 Second Stage Did not participate
2006[31] First Division 36 8th in Region 4 First round
2007[32] First Division 40 3rd in Region 4 Walk out
2008–09 Premier Division 29 Champion Did not participate
2009–10 Indonesia Super League 18 12th Round of 16
2010–11 Indonesia Super League 18 6th
2011–12 Indonesia Super League 18 11th
2013 Indonesia Super League 18 7th
2014 Indonesia Super League 22 6th in East Region

As Bali United

Season(s) Div. Team Pos. Piala Indonesia
2015 Indonesia Super League 18 Did not finish
2016 Indonesia Soccer Championship A 18 12th
2017 Liga 1 18





  • Indonesian Inter Island Cup
  • Bali Island Cup
    • Third place (2): 2015, 2016
  • Trofeo Persija
    • Runners-up (1): 2016
  • Trofeo Bali Celebest
    • Winners (1): 2016


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