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Industry Web analytics[1]
Founded Nov 2008
Key people
Yakov Shabat[2]
Danny Hen[2]
Number of employees

Personyze is a Web 2.0 start-up company based in Tel Aviv, Israel, that provides software as a service (SaaS)[2] for website personalization.


Personyze was founded in November 2008 in Tel Aviv, Israel, by Yakov Shabat and Danny Hen. Within two years, it became a leading personalization website providers,[4] with Facebook integration[5] and behavioral targeting.[6]

Personyze also provides analytics and A/B testing.[3] In June 2011 Rapleaf announced a partnership with Personyze to allow the use of the demographics database[6][7] and in July 2011 they introduced plugins to the content management systems WordPress and Joomla.[1]


Personyze was criticized by Forbes for contributing to the filter bubble, which is a technology that sorts everything out on the basis of the user's activities that may consequently present visitors with only a portion of the content/offers, while excluding other content/offers from ever being presented to them.[4]


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