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This article is about the current 3rd tier ice hockey league in Russia. For the former top tier ice hockey league in Russia, see Russian Superleague.
Russian Hockey League
Countries  Russia
No. of teams 9 (2014–2015 Season)

The Russian Hockey League (Russian: Российская хоккейная лига, Rossiyskaya khokkeynaya liga), until 2010 known as the First League (Russian: Первая лига, translit. Pervaya liga, also known as RUS-3) Since 1992 till 2010 was the First League of the Championship of Russia on hockey. During the 2010–11 season known as the Championship of Russia between the club teams of regions (Russian: Первенство России среди клубных команд регионов, Pervenstvo Rossii sredi klubnykh komand regionov), is an ice hockey league in Russia. It is a feeder league to the Kontinental Hockey League and the Vysshaya Khokkeynaya Liga. Majority of teams are simply junior versions of their professional counterparts. During the era of the Soviet Championship League, it was referred to as "Class B"

The league in 2010–11 featured clubs from the 2009–10 of Pervaya Liga and also clubs that played in Vysshaya Liga but were not accepted into the VHL for 2010–11.

On 23 August, 2011 the FHR announced the creation of the Russian Hockey League that will replace the Pervaya Liga. The league will have 2 divisions. The West division will feature teams from the Center division and Povolzhie division of Pervaya Liga. The East division will feature teams from Ural and West Siberia division and Siberian and Far East division.[1] The Russian Hockey League is also the name of the organization responsible for organizing the top tier league of Russia between 1996 and 1999.

Teams for 2011–2012 Season[edit]

Division Team City
West Division HC Belgorod Russia Belgorod
HC Bryansk Russia Bryansk
Buran Voronezh Russia Voronezh
HC Chelny Russia Naberezhnye Chelny
CSK VVS Samara Russia Samara
Kristall Elektrostal Russia Elektrostal
HC Lipetsk Russia Lipetsk
Mordovia Saransk Russia Saransk
Neftyanik Almetyevsk-2 Russia Almetyevsk
Progress Glazov Russia Glazov
Slavutych Smolensk Russia Smolensk
Sokol Novocheboksarsk Russia Novocheboksarsk
HC Tambov Russia Tambov
THK Tver Russia Tver
East Division Altai Barnaul Russia Barnaul
Burevestnik Yekaterinburg Russia Yekaterinburg
Gazovik Tyumen Russia Tyumen
Kedr Novouralsk Russia Novouralsk
Kristall-Yugra Beloyarsky Russia Beloyarsky
Krylya Sovetov Novosibirsk Russia Novosibirsk
Shakhtyor Prokopyevsk Russia Prokopyevsk
Sputnik Nizhny Tagil-2 Russia Nizhny Tagil
Yantar Seversk Russia Seversk
Zauralje Kurgan-2 Russia Kurgan


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