Peter Bander van Duren

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Peter Bander van Duren (Cologne, 30 July 1930 – 21 April 2004) was a British writer on heraldry and orders of knighthood.


Peter Bander immigrated ti the United Kingdom from Germany and became a British citizen in 1962.

In 1976, he changed his name by deed poll to Peter Bander van Duren, adding a slight alteration of his mother's maiden name, von Duren, to his father's surname.

Bander van Duren worked as a teacher in a borstal, a prison for youth, and in a school in a deprived part of Islington. Later, he became co-director of Colin Smythe, a small British publishing house.


A Roman Catholic, Bander van Duren wrote several books on heraldry, some of them in coöperation with Bruno Bernard Heim or Archbishop Hygenius Eugene Cardinale, the Apostolic Delegate to the United Kingdom.